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The next PTA meeting will be held in the staff room at 7.30 pm on November 1st. We aim to keep meetings 30-40 minutes long – and afterwards you’re invited to join us for drinks at Sunset Restaurant. It’s a fun and informal way to get to know other parents at school.

PTA events Term 4

14-31 October we are running a disaster plaster campaign. We have been sending home a box with 15 packs of disaster plaster to all families who has been willing to help us out with selling those. They are high quality plasters and feel free to sell them to friends, family, shops or nursing homes. The profit made by the plaster sales will go toward building new storage for the school sports uniforms. There are some great prices for the schools top sellers, a skateboard and some other really nice things.

If your family doesn´t want to participate in the campaign but you feel like you want to contribute towards the new storage, you are more than welcome of giving a donation of $30(the profit of a plaster box) you can either do that at the school office or to our PTA bank acc 12-3040-0532339-00.

28 October – mufti day dress up in school, gold coin donations appreciated.

11 November 7.30pm
– ladies night at the school staff room with Jamberry nail wraps, wine and cheese and a quiz. It will be the perfect excuse for getting out of the house and enjoying the company of your girlfriends and might be the start of new friendships too.

25 November 5-6.30pm
– school disco! All the kids are invited for this night that will take place at the school hall. There will be dancing, hot dogs, candy floss and glowsticks

9 December 6-9pm – Christmas picnic for the whole family at the school grounds. Bring your own picnic, enjoy Christmas music and hang out together. The school pool will be open too, so come by and enjoy this evening together with us.



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下一届PTA会议将于11月1日下午7:30在工作人员室举行。 我们的目标是让会议持续30-40分钟 – 之后,您将被邀请在Sunset Restaurant餐厅享用饮品。 这是一个有趣和非正式的方式去了解其他家长在学校。


1111日晚上7:30 – 女士们在学校工作人员的房间与Jamberry包装纸,葡萄酒和奶酪和一个测验。 这将是离开房子和享受你的女朋友的公司的完美借口,也可能是新的友谊的开始。

25十一月5-6.30pm – 学校迪斯科! 所有的孩子都被邀请在这个晚上,将发生在学校的大厅。 会有跳舞,热狗,糖果牙线和glowsticks

99 – 99 – 在校园里为整个家庭的圣诞野餐。 带上自己的野餐,享受圣诞音乐,一起闲逛。 学校游泳池也将开放,所以来和我们一起享受这个晚上。

1014 – 31们正在进行灾难性泥石运动。 我们已经给所有愿意帮助我们出售那些家庭的家庭送去一盒15盒灾难膏药。 他们是高品质的膏药,并随时可以卖给朋友,家人,商店或疗养院。 石膏销售所获得的利润将用于为学校体育用品制造新的存储空间。 有一些伟大的价格为学校畅销书,滑板和一些其他真正好的东西。
如果您的家人不想参加广告系列,但您希望为新的存储空间做出贡献,欢迎您捐赠30美元(石膏盒的利润),您可以在 学校办公室或我们的PTA银行acc 12-3040-0532339-00。