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Meeting Opened: Chaired by Philippa Boyes

Present:  Anna Watson (Secretary), Philippa Boyes (BOT), Kelly Slater-Brown (Principal), Tracy Carter, Sarah Owen, Marlies Wilson (Staff), Victoria Wu (BOT) and Rachel Penney (BOT).

Apologies:  Ling MacKinnon, Belinda Manion and Madelein Smit.

Approval of last minutes:  Approved and signed by Kelly Slater-Brown and Marlies Wilson.

Treasurer´s Report


Balances as of 31st May 2018


Cheque/00 account


Savings on Call/50 Account*


Savings Plus/51 Account**


Total Bank Accounts (incl enviro)


Enviro funds available (reserve)


Total Bank Accounts (excl enviro)


Banking since last report 8th May 2018


Whittakers Chocolates


Vege Bags


Shoes label


2nd Hand Uniform Shop


Sausage Sizzle


Family Fun Night – Fresh Choice Voucher


Total Banking


Payments approved since last report 8th May 2018


Vege Bag


Total Payments approved since last report 8th May 2018


Payments to be approved tonight


P Boyes – Sausage Sizzle (School Choir)


P Boyes – Sauce, Serviettes, Green Paper, Yellow Paper (PTA Cost)


2nd Uniform Shop Payment to Parents for Uniforms sold


Taryn Taylor – Snail Bait, plants and seedlings tools (Enviro Cost)


J.K.Riach – Paints for Boat and Drains (Enviro Cost)


W Turei – 2017 Annual Report Audit Review Fee


Tara Moran – Cupcake Cost for Family Fun Night


Total Payments approved tonight


Profit on fundraisers (year to date for 2018)


Whittakers Chocolates


Sausage Sizzle – 06/03, 31/03,21/05


Family Fun Night


Second Hand Uniform Shop


Mufti Day


Entertainment book


Easter Raffle


Shoe Labels


Total Profit (year to date)



PTA Update:

New Chairperson:

  • No update.  Still looking.

Whittakers Chocolates:

  • We have been selling after school on Fridays – $2 or three for $5. We had a great response on the Friday before Mother’s Day, but since then sales have declined and at this stage we won’t do it again.
  • Still three families have not paid for their chocolates.  Julie has tried to contact them many times. We propose that a formal letter from the Principal be sent out.
  • Rachel to see if the soccer club want to buy some chocolate off us at cost for their own fundraising purposes as there are 12 boxes that still need to be sold.

Entertainment Book:

  • 14 subscriptions have been sold to date but sales have been slow.
  • Digital orders are slow and steady coming in.
  • We talked about “spreading the word” to our wider community through a flyer drop out to the peninsula showcasing the Entertainment Book and Reusable Veggie Bags.  PTA to ask parents if they can help drop flyers into letterboxes on the peninsula.

Reusable Vegetable Bags:

  • Have brought 500 bags.
  • Made up 100 bundles of 5 bags to sell at $15.
  • Thank You to Rachel Penney who created the personalised labels.
  • Have advertised at school, on Neighbourly and on the Facebook Grapevine.  Orders are coming in thick and fast.
  • Have sold around 72 of them already
  • Agreed to order another 500 bags when we have 10 bundles left to sell.
  • BBI have contacted us and are happy to advertise in their staff room. Will try to talk to other local schools as well

Disco – Colour Party  Friday 22nd June:

  • Friday 22nd June – 5.30 – 6.30pm for Juniors,  6.45 – 8.15pm for Middle and Senior school.
  • PTA are working together with Whānau Leaders and the teachers for this event
  • Tickets are $5 and include a free sausage.
  • Whanau Leaders have designed posters and tickets and given their ideas.
  • We will sell drinks with screw caps, lolly bags, glow in the dark accessories, candy floss, bags of chips.
  • PTA was not keen on chocolate bars being given free with the ticket.
  • Feedback from last year was that the volume of the music was too loud.
  • We require helpers – Tracy said she can help with senior sausage sizzle. Sarah has also offered to help with senior disco.
  • Rachel has offered to premake some candy floss in bags.
  • Ticket design needs to be different between two discos.
  • Whilst the disco is on parents have been invited to join the BOT in the staffroom. An idea was to have the Entertainment Book, Chocolates and Reusable Vegetable Bags on display for sale in the staffroom during this event.

Upcoming PTA Events – Term 3:

The Good Home are bringing back “$$ for Schools” (25th June – 5th November).  Helping local schools fundraise by giving schools points per dollar for spending at their restaurant.  An idea was suggested that the school do a fundraiser dinner there with free spot prizes; and inform Class Reps organising class meals that this would be a great location and help the school out.

Fundraiser – Jack Links Beef Jerky – Term 3:

  • A survey is being created to send out to school to gage feedback on the sample of Beef Jerky that went out to our school families a few weeks ago.  Kelly is finalising the survey and then we will have it translated into Mandarin.
  • Jack Link needs 8 weeks notice to start creating the Beef Stick bags.
  • Tracey suggested that we offer a pre order sale instead of take home sell.


  • In line with classroom learning in Term 3 it was discussed that we would hold a Spell-a-thon
  • The date has been set for Words and explanation to go home on the 20th of August
  • Testing on the 7th of September.

Sausage Sizzles x 3 – dates to be confirmed

Abacus Calendar Art

  • Art to be completed during the last few weeks of Term 3
  • Anna offered to organise this project again this year

Howick Santa Parade

  • Time to start thinking about this year’s float.  
  • The PTA will put a sub committee together to start the planning process.  

General business/other matters:

Another Fundraising idea – pre ordering pies.  Will look into it for next year.

Grandparents Day

  • Was a great success.  Thank you to Belinda, Madelein, Tracy and Philippa who helped serve tea and coffee, set up and clean up.  The school has received lovely feedback from Grandparents.
  • It was suggested that maybe next time the school puts on the afternoon tea as there was a lot of food left over.

PTA notice board

  • Someone has taken the PTA notice board out of library window.  
  • It was suggested that perhaps it is time to buy two lockable outdoor glass notice boards for PTA advertising.  Rachel offered to investigate.

Change of date for the August meeting – it has been requested that the August PTA meeting be moved to 14th August due to a clash of dates.

Meeting closed: 9.05 pm

Next meeting date:  Tuesday 3rd July

This is a true and accurate record of the PTA meeting held on Tuesday 5th June 2018


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