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Meeting Opened: Chaired by Philippa Boyes

Present:  Anna Watson (Secretary), Philippa Boyes (BOT), Ling MacKinnon (Treasurer), Carole Crompton (Deputy-Principal), Marlene Jackson, Victoria Wu (BOT), Marlies Wilson (Staff), Sarah Owen, Madelein Smit and Helen Di.   

Apologies:  Kelly Slater-Brown, Belinda Manion and Janet Daubermann.

Approval of last minutes:  Approved and signed by Sarah Owen and Marlies Wilson.

Treasurers Report: (at back)

PTA Update:

Second hand Uniform Shop:

  • The second hand clothing shop is run by volunteers and managed by the PTA.  Its profits are an essential part of the PTA’s annual fundraisers. It provides a service to our school families to sell and purchase second hand school uniforms.
  • The PTA appreciates the school families supporting this service.  
  • The shop is currently located at the home of Janet Daubermann.
  • Janet is happy to continue managing the second hand uniform shop from her home but has put forward some ideas for improvement.  These were discussed at the meeting
    • Currently the vendor receives ⅔ of the selling price and the PTA receives ⅓.  Janet feels that with all the work that goes into sorting/selling/paperwork relating to the sale of the clothes that a better ratio might be – 50/50.  The concerns discussed at the meeting were that this might deter school families from selling their uniforms here as the return might not be worth it. This needs further discussion and Sarah (BBI) and Anna (Mellons Bay) will look at what other local schools do and report back at the next meeting.
  • Janet has requested that there be no more uniform drop offs to her home outside uniform shop opening hours.  Clothes can be dropped to the school office in a closed bag with vendors contact details and bank account number securely attached.  These will then be put in a plastic bin in the PTA room and once a month the clothes will be taken to Janets.
  • It was also discussed that to capture even more of the market that might not be able to attend the evening open shop, that we bring up the clothes to the school during school hours.  Further discussion is required
  • There is currently 12 large sistema boxes in Janet’s garage full of clothes.
  • As a token of the PTA’s appreciation to Janet for all her hard work the PTA gave Janet a $129 car cleaning valet voucher from The Car Cleaning Company, that we were given from The Entertainment Book company.
  • Madelein Smit has said she can help with uniform too.


  • Marlene Jackson attended the meeting to introduce her new company called SASS = Shop and Support Schools.
  • She is setting up a website that will sell products online and gives a portion of the profit back to the nominated school.  She will sell a few items at a time with something new every month. Some products coming up are: lily bee wraps, lunch boxes, drink bottles and first aid kits.  Turn around time after ordering is roughly 2 weeks.
  • She has asked for the help of the PTA to help distribute the purchased stock to classes and the occasional flyer handed out.
  • Main advertising is going to be through her Facebook page.
  • SASS will pay the PTA a percentage of BBPS related sales every month.
  • Flyers are coming out start of term 3 with ordering being able to start by start of September.

PTA Community Survey Feedback

  • The feedback from the PTA survey was discussed
  • 92 people completed it
  • 88% said they have supported PTA fundraisers this year; 4% said no (some were away for 2 months and some started school in June).
  • Reasons why attendance low:
    • I attend from time to time 15%
    • I don’t have anyone to look after children 27%
    • I am too busy 24%
    • That day/time doesn’t suit me 27%
    • I am not interested in attending 19%

Other comments: work full time, speak poor english, have done my bit feel other parents should step up especially parents in year 1-3, meetings too long.

  • Would you be interested in being a friend of the PTA?
    • 61% no
    • 38% yes
  • 48% said yes to supporting the beef jerky fundraiser 52% said no.
    • Feedback – 4 said didn’t see sample; 2 said vegetarian; 1 said would support pre-order; 4 said didn’t like; 1 said don’t want to sell and 2 said too expensive.
  • Other suggestions for fundraisers or events that PTA could run in the future are:
    • Cling film and baking paper.
    • School fun run/walk.
    • Singing
    • Family friendly events on weekends (FFN again in November)
    • Low cost, high value fundraising
    • Need a better way to make a payment.
    • School Gala.
    • Quiz Night
    • Comedy Night
    • Summer karaoke night
    • Ladies night with guest speaker
    • Bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel straws
    • Do not support single use plastic items
    • Movie fundraisers
    • Aprons – personalised
    • Tea towels (artwork)
    • Real paella dinner class fundraiser
    • Nature trail
    • Raffles
    • Water bottles stainless steel, items for school lunches, anything a family needs.  Could purchase in bulk and sell that is healthy and reasonable.
    • Inflatable slide day
    • Triathlon (swim in pool, ride bikes, then run) then family enjoy a picnic dinner
    • Athons
    • Fancy dress – huff n puff
    • Sleep over in hall ($10 per head)
    • Car wash
    • Honey wraps
    • Eco supermarket bags


  • To address the people that said they couldn’t attend our PTA meetings due to it being an inconvenient time or they have no one to babysit children we have decided to trial having our meetings on the first Tuesday of every month between 1.45 and 3pm.  It will still be held in the staff room and preschoolers are welcome to come and play while we talk.  Come and join us for a coffee and a chat.
  • We look forward to seeing lots more new faces at next meeting on Tuesday 14th August 1.45-3pm!

Treasurer Position:

  • Unfortunately Ling has resigned as Treasurer as she pursues a full time job and further study.  We thank Ling for her wonderful contribution to the PTA during her time.
  • Helen Di has kindly expressed interest in taking on the Treasurer’s role and will spend the next few months doing the handover with Ling.

Chairperson Position:

  • No interest in the chairperson role
  • An idea was floated to remarket the roles and split the responsibilities further:
    • Chairperson (this role facilitates the PTA meetings; is the face of the PTA, liaises with PTA Executive and school management; and has a complete overview of PTA issues, activities and direction)
    • Treasurer (this role is responsible for managing the PTA accounts and reporting the financial position at the PTA meetings; overseas any financial tasks relating to events)
    • Secretary (this role involves compiling agendas and minutes for PTA meetings; keeping policies and procedures up to date; organises general communication to PTA members as required)
    • Events and Fundraising Organiser (this role leads a group of helpers, parents and PTA members who organise fundraising activities
    • Communications (this role a) is the first contact person and caretaker of all parent involvement with PTA events and activities b) establishes communication channels relating to the PTA)
  • More discussion is required with Kelly and marketing of vacancies will proceed in Term 3

Whittakers Chocolates Update:

  • We have 3 boxes left to sell!  Thank you to all those that have been helping sell the remaining boxes.
  • Thank you staff for continuing to buy them!
  • All in all it has been an amazing fundraiser in terms of profit, thank you to all who supported it.

Entertainment Book:

  • We have sold our first 20 books.  
  • We have ordered another 20 books that can returned if not sold.  
  • We will do a flyer drop at the beginning of Term 3 around the peninsula advertising them

Reusable Vegetable Bags:

  • We have sold our first lot of 100 sets.  They have been very popular!
  • Another 100 sets have been purchased and are ready for sale at the school office.
  • We will do a flyer drop at the beginning of Term 3 around the peninsula advertising them

Disco – Colour Party Friday 22nd June:

  • Was a great success.  Thank you to everyone that helped out.
  • Approximately 300 tickets were sold.  Sold out of all stock and the leftover stock from the Family Fun Night.
  • Made $2,400 profit.

Upcoming PTA Events – Term 3:

Abacus Calendar Art

  • Art paper has arrived.  Date to start handing out paper to teachers will be advised by Carole.
  • Art work needs to be completed by end of Term 3.

Beef Jerky

  • It was decided after our school community was consulted that the Beef Jerky fundraiser would be a pre-order only.  Anna to discuss details with Jacob on product selection and profitability.


  • In line with classroom learning it was decided that we would hold a Spell-a-thon fundraiser in Term 3
  • The date has been set for Words and Explanation to go home on the 20th August
  • Testing on the 7th of September.

Sausage Sizzles

31st July – Student Council Fundraising

4th Sept – Enviro Fundraising

The Good Home

  • Are bringing back “$$ for Schools” (25th June – 5th November).  Helping local schools fundraise by giving schools points per dollar for spending at their restaurant.   A flyer was sent home, an email is going to be sent out to class reps to give them an idea as a possible location for a class parent dinner.

Howick Santa Parade

  • Time to start thinking about this year’s float.  
  • The PTA will put a sub-committee together to start the planning process.  
  • The Student Council will be asked for their ideas and input

General business/other matters:

PTA notice board

  • Rachel has found a board, needs to see if it is safe and has toughen glass.
  • Only ordering 1 board at the moment.


  • Wayne is happy to continue auditing every year.  Before April as its hunting season.

Meeting closed: 9.20pm

Next meeting date:  Tuesday 14th August 1.30 to 2.30pm

This is a true and accurate record of the PTA meeting held on Tuesday 3rd July 2018


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