Junior School

Room 9:    Chloe Mackay

  • Showing a positive attitude towards learning in Room 9.

Room 9:  Ezra Papal’l-Sanileva

  • Great effort at phonics time and continuing to learn his sight words up to list 6.


Middle School

Room 12:  Zoe Kim

  • Making a fabulous effort to take part in all of Room 12’s class activities.

Room 12:  Tyler Milne

  • Always showing the school values when working and interacting with his class peers.

Room 12:  Lauren Billings

  • Always demonstrating the school values in all that she does.

Room 13:   Ellie Wang

  • Always trying her best in everything she does.  Excellent work Ellie !

Room 13:    Daisy Hu

  • Being able to work well with others in all learning areas.

Room 13:   Mathew Bailey

  • Always being an enthusiastic learner and giving everything a go.

Room 13:   Nicola Pieters

  • Demonstrating resilience when researching facts about her chosen minibeast.

Room 14:   Sophie McKenzie

  • Being an outstanding role model in Room 14.  Sophie always has a positive can-do attitude towards everything she does.

Room 17:  Carla Brooke-Smith

  • Reading with expression when practising her oral reading.

Room 17:  Devaansh Sharma

  • Listening to and taking on feedback when writing.

Room 17:  Willow Johnson

  • Taking responsibility of her learning by staying on task.

Room 16:  Lois Willits

  • Demonstrating increased confidence and whanaungatanga (relationships).

Room 16:  Roberto Beavis Fernandez de Las Heras

  • Making improvements in his digital learning.

Room 16:  Tyler Medcalf

  • Demonstrating agency in his learning about reading.


Senior School

Room 1:  Nina Kirker

  • Taking leadership when required in group activities.

Room 1:  Mitya Pechorin

  • Effort put into improving his written language.

Room 1:  Ezra Austin

  • Improving his technology skills.

Room 1:  Vivien Shao

  • Applying new techniques to her writing.

Room 1:  Rose Fifita

  • Displaying the BBP school values.

Room 1:  Jessica Roberts

  • Always having a positive attitude and doing their best.

Room 3:   Divan van der Westhuizen

  • Being a kind caring pupil who helps others.

Room 3:   Angus Wilson

  • Being an enthusiastic learner and undertaking a range of tasks requiring responsibility.

Room 3:  Kaid Argent

  • Showing enthusiasm in a range of coding activities.

Room 3:  Noah Roberts

  • Enthusiastically sharing his learning as a presenter at our Student Summit.

Room 3:  Max Mao

  • Gaining in independence and participating in all classroom activities

Room 3:  Maya Dettmer

  • Being an enthusiastic learner and showing a strong interest in digital technologies

Room 4:   Harrison Cate

  • Always being an active participant in group discussions and working hard to complete all his work.

Room 18:  Eric Huang

  • Consistently demonstrating leadership in learning as well as living the school values in Room 18.

Room 18:   Rojeff Lin

  • Effort and perseverance throughout the year, while always displaying the BBPS values.

Room 18:  Benjamin Huang

  • His positive attitude and sense of humour that he brings every day, and the hardwork and effort he putts into every learning opportunity.

Room 19:   Christian Ha

  • Showing the school value of respect, manaakitanga, in his relationships with teachers and peers.

Room 19:  Sara Hwang

  • Excellence in Mathematics.