Junior School

Room 6:  Waldo Botes

  • Using his creative skills imaginatively in his inquiry, well done !

Room 6:  Luca Turner

  • Showing good whanaungatanga when working with others on the flight inquiry.

Room 6:  Lintong Li

  • Showing such enthusiasm and energy towards all his learning, it is lovely to see.

Room 6:  Suri Lopez Varela

  • An excellent attitude towards her learning, keep going.

Room 7:  Elena Fan

  • Giving everything a go and having a positive attitude towards learning.

Room 7:  Christian Van Wyk

  • Being responsible and staying on task

Room 7:  Ezra Papal’ll Sanileva

  • Fantastic effort and improvement in reading

Room 7:  Mieka Schutz

  • Developing a positive attitude towards her learning especially in reading and mathematics

Room 8:  Owen Shen

  • Wonderful progress in literacy

Room 8:  Owen Wang

  • Being a studious, respectful and responsible class member.

Room 8:  Lawrence Li

  • Being a highly respectful member of the class who uses his initiative to carry out responsibilities.

Room 9:  Lia Chong

  • Being a wonderful friend to all.

Room 9:  Caleb Lynch

  • Being a great classroom helper.

Room 10:   Chloe Gao

  • Improving in her length of story writing and in her independence during writing time.

Room 10:    Caroline He

  • Making excellent progress in her mathematical understanding.

Room 10:    Maggie Kuang

  • Writing words and stories independently. 

Room 5MJ:  Brady Henschen

  • Displaying all the BBPS values and always trying his best

Room 5MJ:  Willow Lammas

  • Being a great role model to others and displaying all the BBPS values

Room 5DJ:  Evie Willits

  • Showing an excellent attitude towards her learning and being respectful to others.

Room 5DJ:  Siddondo Oduol

  • Showing perseverance and resilience in the classroom and giving things a go !

Middle School

Room 12:  Olivia Keel

  • Demonstrating greater confidence when solving tricky maths problems

Room 12:  Kyleigh Wetselaar

  • Using a wide range of vocabulary when she takes part in class discussions.

Room 13:  Randy Sun

  • His improved effort in getting his work completed on time.

Room 13:  Justin Pan

  • Listening to feedback and adding detail to improve his writing

Room 13:  Lilah Steward

  • Always being a great role model to her peers and showing the values of responsibility and respect.

Room 13:  Florence Haxton

  • Using personal voice in her writing to make it more interesting to read.

Room 14:   Katie Harrison

  • Always working to a high standard and for consisetnly working to improve her learning.

Room 14:  Lincoln Bin

  • Being an excellent role model in class and always demonstrating the BBPS values.

Room 15:  Roger Zhao

  • Showing patience and leadership skills when working with his maths buddies

Room 15:  Bryan Le

  • Always showing kindness towards others.

Room 16:  Olivia Hu

  • Your great teamwork during maths problem solving.

Room 16:  Devaansh Sharma

  • Your dedicated attitude to individual reading tasks.

Room 17:  Angie Smith

  • Great fluency and amazing improvement in reading.

Room 17:  EJ Saipani

  • Being incredibly detailed when describing a character.

Room 17:  Zahra Watson

  • Explaining her thoughts clearly in science.

Senior School

Room 2:  Cece Kasper

  • Writing interesting poems

Room 2:  Austin Lin

  • Achievements in poetry and maths

Room 2:  Gabe Powell

  • His interest in and research into flight

Room 3:   Olivia Pan

  • An excellent effort in maths problem solving and in cross country running.

Room 3:   Raymond Liu

  • An excellent effort in cross country running and in class discussion work.

Room 4:   Regan Smith

  • Displaying outstanding effort and attitude in all aspects of his learning

Room 4:   Sofia Hiley

  • Increased confidence and attitude in Mathematics

Room 4:    Sasha Thomson

  • For commendable resilience inside and outside of the classroom

Room 4:   Travis Serewis

  • For perseverance and taking responsibility for his learning in Writing.

Room 1:   Cassie Luo

  • Displaying the BBP school values and completing all work to a high standard.

Room 1:  Owen Firth

  • Always trying his very best and having a positive attitude.

Room 18:  Katie Kendall

  • Demonstrating kindness and caring when assisting an injured runner at cross country.

Room 18:   Jessica Waar

  • Perseverance in her learning and the effort she puts into her maths.

Room 19:   Lucy Buchanan

  • Consistently putting in the effort to do her best and striving to do better in all her learning.

Room 19:   Jaida Bennett

  • Her leadership and helpfulness during the school cross country event.