Junior School

Room 6:  Sienna Amoore

  • Resilience in her writing, I can see a huge improvement already.  Keep Going !

Room 6:   Aidan Lin

  • Thinking creatively in his inquiry – you have shared some fantastic ideas with the class.

Room 7:   Helena Hu

  • Having a positive attitude and work ethic.  Amazing progress in all subject areas.

Room 7:  Simon Sun

  • Always using wonderful manners and having a kind and friendly nature.

Room 8:   Ale Hogan

  • Super improvement with reading and confidence.

Room 8:  Matthew Zou

  • Demonstrating more confidence when speaking in front of the class.

Room 10:   Hugh Kasper

  • Showing acts of kindness to children in our class.

Room 10:  Hank Wei

  • Improving in his ability to rhyme words.

Room 5MJ:   Luke Gaunt

  • Developing the confidence to begin to work independently in all areas.

Room 5DJ:   Damian Gerneke

  • Showing improvement and a positive attitude towards his writing.


Middle School

Room 12:   Ethan Liu

  • Using a wide, and interesting vocabulary in his writing.

Room 12:    Misaki Nakanishi

  • Showing independence with completing her learning.

Room 13:  Corban Baty

  • Demonstrating resilience when solving complete maths problems.  Well done Corban.

Room 13:  Charlie Robinson

  • Staying focussed and getting work completed to a high standard.  Keep it up Charlie !!

Room 14:   Nick Yu

  • Being an excellent role model in class.  You are kind, supporting and positive classmate.

Room 14:  Kathy Yu

  • Showing resilience when learning new maths.  You have a positive attitude Kathy !

Room 15:  Riven D’Souza

  • Sharing some fantastic ideas during our class discussions about well being.

Room 15:  Lawrence Lin

  • Working really hard to complete his home learning to a high standard during lockdown.

Room 16:  Ellie Wang

  • Your amazing story writing.

Room 16:  Sam Wilson

  • Your polite manner and responsible attitude to learning.

Room 17:   Rio Carter

  • Being responsible when working with others and showing respect by listening to their ideas.

Room 17:   Yanni Li

  • Always giving her learning her best.

Room 17:  Harry Kent

  • Always showing BBPS values and being a great role model.

Senior School

Room 2:  Charlie Stewart

  • Demonstrating the school values.

Room 3:   Charney Coetzee

  • Her contributions to class discussion work.

Room 3:   Cooper Slade

  • Enthusiasm shown to writing activities.

Room 4:   Aaryan Zaman

  • Working hard to improve organisation and taking responsibility for his learning.

Room 4:   Sheryl Lai

  • Pleasing achievement in mathematics, especially her understanding of 3D shapes.

Room 1:   Ludick Henning

  • Fantastic time management skills and completing work with effort.

Room 1:  Eliza Butcovan

  • Effort put into her reading and writing.

Room 18:  Madison Hurter

  • Her focus on learning and her desire to improve in all subject areas.

Room 18:   Angus Hu

  • Diligence and supreme effort towards his learning.

Room 19:   Harrison Cate

  • Great leadership:  Calmly and helpfully explaining game rules to classmates and buddy classmates under pressure.

Room 19:   Victoria Tongalea Koronui

  • A positive change in your approach to learning.  You are working hard to complete assignments to a high standard and actively making choices to do your best to learn.  I’m proud of you !