Junior School

Room 6:  Emily Simmons

  • Embracing maths challenges with enthusiasm and determination – Well done.

Room 6:   Kaley Teo

  • Showing Manawaroa in her learning – you are an excellent role model for the class.

Room 6:  Mia-Lee van Heerden

  • Being such a friendly and gentle member of Room 6 – we have loved having you as part of our class.

Room 6:  Roger Zhao

  • Your enthusiasm to share facts and other general knowledge you have learnt with the class.

Room 6:  Danica Wu

  • Sharing creative and interesting ideas in our inquiry.

Room 6:  Cecilia Ma

  • Outstanding leadership in the Junior School.

Room 6:  Wilson Wei

  • Outstanding leadership in the Junior School.

Room 6:  Bella Sharp

  • Her enthusiasm towards all areas of learning – keep it up !

Room 6:  Lilah Stewart

  • Her kind and caring nature – I love how you always look after other members of the class.

Room 7:   Maisie Medcalf

  • Outstanding leadership in the Junior School.

Room 7:   Riven D’Souza

  • Outstanding leadership in the Junior School.

Room 7:  Wanzhen Li

  • Being kind and caring towards others.

Room 7:  Luana Aversa

  • Demonstrating all four of BBPS values.  Respect, Relationships, Resilience and Responsibility.

Room 7:  Hailey Hurter

  • A great start to her learning journey.

Room 8:   Nick Yu

  • Outstanding leadership in the Junior School.

Room 8:   Lottie Lowe

  • Outstanding leadership in the Junior School.

Room 8:  Lucas Yu

  • Positive interactions with his classmates.

Room 8:  Eva Prall

  • Demonstrating the school values on a daily basis.

Room 9:   Ethan Vorster

  • Asking interesting and thoughtful questions about insects.

Room 9:  M.J. Willemse

  • Making positive choices in the classroom.

Rom 9:  Chloe Mackay

  • Showing a positive attitude towards learning in Room 9.

Room 11:   Thomas Yu

  • Being a kind and helpful member of Room 11

Room 11:   Hitiksha Rajesh

  • Improvement in writing.  Well done Hitiksha.

Room 10:   Hunter Milne

  • Showing excellent knowledge of rhythm and musical note reading.

Room 10:   Ellie Adler

  • Always providing a helping hand to teachers and students.

Room 10:  Owen Shen

  • Doing an impressive job learning English this year – well done.

Room 10:  Suri Lopez-Varela

  • Improving in the length of her stories.

Room 10:  Max Mey-Cory

  • Sharing so many new ideas with us on how to build Mobilo.

Room 10:  Waldo Botes

  • Having wonderful ideas during centers time.

Room 10:  James Coxon-Byrne

  • Being an engaging and charismatic communicator.

Room 10:  Evan Wang

  • Being very creative in his construction building.

Room 10:  Elizke Herrewyn

  • Growing in confidence as a writer.

Room 5:   Vicky Li

  • Developing the skills to become an independent learner.

Room 5:   Austin Calland

  • Great progress in mathematics.

Room 5:   Riley Lau

  • His “have a go” attitude towards all his learning.

Room 5:   Hector Kent

  • His enthusiastic approach to learning his sight words.

Middle School

Room 13:   Aaron Huang

  • Always being a kind member of Room 13 and demonstrating the BBP school values.

Room 13:    Niara Sankar

  • Contributing worthwhile comments in our class discussions.

Room 13:  Timothy Schruer

  • Always trying his best in everything he does.  Well done Timmy !!

Room 13:  Jude Michaels

  • His improved effort when working collaboratively with his buddy in our project-based inquiry learning.

Room 14:   Aisliedh Cilliers

  • Being a positive learner in all curriculum areas and always working hard to improve herself.

Room 14:   Fedor Tiumkaev

  • Working towards his personal learning goals with focus and resilience.

Room 14:  Jacob Lynch

  • Demonstrating a mature and responsible approach to his learning, in all curriculum areas.

Room 15:  Jason Nie

  • Showing responsibility and resilience when researching his chosen minibeast.

Room 15:  Ronal Parana Liyanage

  • Showing all the BBPS values all the time.

Room 15:  Nico Tolkach

  • Showing enthusiasm towards all classroom activities.

Room 15:  Anita Zhang

  • Reading fluently and with expression during the Oral Reading Competition.

Senior School

Room 2:  Eliza Butcovan

  • Being a great ambassador as part of the travelwise team.

Room 2:  Madison Hurter

  • Settling well at BBPS this term and already displaying the school values.

Room 2:  Bryan van Beek

  • Having a cheery smile and a positive attitude to each school day.

Room 2:   Charlie Wu

  • Being a mature and helpful member of the class.

Room 2:  Jamie Zhu

  • Being a caring and helpful member of the class.

Room 2:  Sam Meyer

  • Making a pleasing positive effort to settle at BBPS.

Room 3:   Wyatt Johnson

  • Being a steady worker who tries his best.

Room 3:   Hollyanne Wright

  • Excellence in writing.  Hollyanne extends her ideas and uses description well.

Room 3:  Divan van der Westhuizen

  • Being a kind caring pupil who helps others.

Room 4:   Tammy Yu

  • Always having a positive attitude and showing perseverance and resilience when she faces challenges both in and outside of the class.

Room 4:   Samuel Ho

  • Always having a positive attitude and trying his best.

Room 4:  Nathan Manion

  • Working collaboratively with his peers to extend his knowledge and understanding through listening carefully to the ideas of others.

Room 4:  Cassie Luo

  • Being an active participant in all class discussions and working hard to complete all of her learning tasks in class.

Room 4:  Avril Toh

  • Being a productive learner who actively participates in class discussions and has an excellent attitude towards her learning.

Room 4:  Connor Lourens

  • Being a focused learner who listens carefully to his peers and shares his ideas clearly.

Room 1:   Cooper Wang

  • Developing his own writer’s voice in his writing.

Room 1:   Claire Zou

  • Improved learning in his reading and writing.

Room 1:  Chloe Freason

  • Effort put into elaborating her writing.

Room 18:  Aryana Girven

  • Hard work and determination when recalling basic maths facts.

Room 18:   Abbi Tan

  • Her effort and great use of her imagination in her narrative writing.

Room 19:   Amber Thompson

  • Stretching herself to tackle difficult tasks as well as always being happy to help others.

Room 19:  Charlotte Greening

  • A great attitude to learning.