Junior School

Room 6:  Matthew Southall 

  • Careful thinking when problem solving in Maths

Room 6:  Bianca Thomson

  • Making sensible predictions and proving her answers when reading.

Room 7:   Allen Chen

  • Big improvement in his reading.

Room 7:   Marina Poomphuang

  • Trying hard in all areas.

Room 7:   Bryan Le

  • Big improvement in his reading.

Room 8:   Lottie Lowe

  • Fantastic work with fractions.

Room 8:  Lucas Lei

  • Enthusiasm and focus on written tasks.

Room 8:   Alex Kendall

  • Exuding confidence and using expression when presenting to the whole class.

Room 8:   Fatimah Hossain

  • Demonstrating more confidence and resilience in the relationships she is building.

Room 8:   Nick Yu

  • Working well with others and using exceptional manners.

Room 8:   Elora Soro Albarran

  • Making leaps and bounds in written work.

Room 9:   Donovan Haueter

  • Staying on task and giving everything a go!

Room 9:   Christian Van Wyk

  • Following classroom routines well and listening attentively to others!

Room 9:   Mieka Schutz

  • Sharing great ideas with others and staying on task.

Room 11:   George Hart

  • Writing a fantastic robot story.  Well done George!

Room 11:   Helena Lauati

  • Working hard on every task every day.  Malo lava Helena!

Room 10:   Genevieve Lowe

  • Her wonderful creative flair that shines through all she does.

Room 10:   Ivan Yu

  • His kind, polite and friendly nature.

Room 5:   Mario Poomphuang

  • Settling in so well to Room 5 and trying hard with his sight words.

Room 5:   Olivia Knight

  • Deep inquiry thinking and settling in so well to a new class.

Middle School

Room 13:  Rehaan Gill

  • Being reflective in the choices he makes in the classroom.

Room 13:  Andrew Seekup

  • Always being a kind and helpful member of the class.

Room 13:   Daniel Zheng

  • His excellent effort in his descriptive writing.

Room 14:   Theo Strekier

  • A tremendous effort to improve his writing.  Well done Theo!

Room 14:   Jacob Lynch

  • Working to improve his writing by adding detail.

Room 14:   Zahra Watson

  • Always working to a high standard in all areas of her learning.

Room 15:  Jake Band

  • Taking responsibility for his learning by aiming for his personal best.

Room 15:  Saloni Pal

  • Consistently showing all 4 of our BBPS Values and being a great role model to others

Room 17:   Harry Kent

  • Creating a well thought out poster showing his knowledge of 3D shapes.

Room 17:   Ryan Choi

  • Thinking deeply about why a setting is important to a story.

Room 12:   Kalo Fifita

  • Demonstrating a positive attitude towards learning different strategies to solve number problems.

Room 12:   Gariad Chan

  • Showing independence and very good understanding when completing her reading activities.

Room 12:   Vinuka Badana Mudiyanselage

  • Using a wide range of interesting vocabulary in his writing.

Room 16:   Khloe Robinson

  • Developing better whanaungatanga (relationships) in working with a range of her peers.

Room 16:   Maddison Cleland

  • Demonstrating tiaki (responsibility) towards her learning.

Room 16:   Neve Turner

  • Demonstrating increased leadership and tiaki (responsibility) towards her learning in class.

Room 16:   Thabo Siso

  • Consistently demonstrating focus and resilience in his learning.

Senior School

Room 2:  Daniel Kang

  • Applying and extending his learning from our Maths unit to create a fantastic treasure hunt.

Room 2:   Annie Cheng

  • Demonstrating the school values at all times.

Room 3:    J.D. Potgieter

  • Being an exceptional leader and inspiring his dance group.

Room 3:   Madi Arellano

  • Excellent skills in Spelling.  Madi presents accurate work consistently.

Room 3:  Lilly Thompson

  • Creative dance moves and lots of ideas for her group.

Room 4:   Noah Keel

  • Working collaboratively with his peers to extend his knowledge and understanding of the water cycle by listening carefully to the ideas of others and sharing his own with confidence.

Room 4:   Lily Snell

  • Being a proactive learner who participates in all class discussions and has an excellent attitude towards her learning.

Room 1:   Winston Low

  • Consistently demonstrating a desire to improve his work.

Room 1:   Hannah Maneveldt

  • For care taken with proofreading of all written work.

Room 18:  Chloe Huang

  • Demonstrating resilience and perseverance when trying new activities in the class.  Well done Chloe!


Room 18:     Emily Brealey

  • Her dedication to her new learning of mapping and co-ordinates during Maths.  Great job Emily!

Room 19:   Luke Meiring

  • Starting Term 3 with a respectful and positive attitude to learning.

Room 19:   Mia Sladen

  • Showing grit and resilience with a positive attitude every day!