Junior School

Room 6:  George Hart

  • Being an excellent classroom helper in Room 6 – keep going!

Room 6:   Lindsay Kim

  • Showing resilience and being brave to talk to others in the class.

Room 7:   Billie Snell

  • Always giving everything a go!

Room 7:   Hunter Milne

  • Always listening carefully to others and being responsible in and out the classroom.

Room 7:  Chloe Mackay

  • Always showing willingness to help others.

Room 8:   Asher Bowlin

  • Being an awesome listener who shows respect to others and tries his best in everything he does.

Room 8:   Emme Selby

  • Being an attentive listener who shows respect for others and always trying her best.

Room 10:   Oliver Harding

  • Putting lots of effort into his readng.

Room 5:   Max Lee

  • Excellence and a positive attitude towards his writing.

Room 5:   Lucas Haddadin

  • Participating in reading with confidence and helping others.

Room 5:   Lydia Lau

  • Developing the confidence to work independently during writing.

Middle School

Room 12:   Daniel Zheng

  • Thinking about how to begin his sentences in his writing in an interesting way.

Room 12:    Ava Austin

  • Showing a positive attitude when trying new things in writing.

Room 13:  Jessica Lin

  • Being a superb role model to her peers and always completing her work to a high standard.

Room 13:  Courtney Bielby

  • Always having a positive attitude towards learning and giving everything a go.

Room 13:   Fletcher Cook

  • Working well with his peers and participating in class activities.  Keep it up Fletcher!

Room 14:   Mia Sun

  • Being a kind, respectful and responsible member of the class,  Thank you Mia for your positive start to the year!

Room 14:   Felix Lee

  • Demonstrating resilience while working with a broken arm.  You are a star Felix!

Room 15:  Ehab Jatoi

  • Showing the BBPS values of responsibility and relationships all the time.

Room 15:  Hiya Patel

  • A fantastic start to BBPS.  You have settled in well and are already a role model to others.

Room 16:  Karishma Pal

  • Your amazing descriptive writing.

Room 16:  Saloni Pal

  • Your great attitude to learning in all subject areas.

Room 16:   Mathew Bailey

  • Your excellent attitude to learning in all subject areas.

Room 17:   Amber Gerneke

  • Facing challenges head on and continuously keeping a great attitude.

Room 17:   Hanan Malakhil

  • Always having a positive attitude towards his learning.

Senior School

Room 2:  Charlie Stewart

  • Demonstrating the school values.

Room 3:   Emma Lang

  • Writing accurate reports.  Emma uses elaboration well in her work!

Room 3:   Maria Pavloff

  • Being a clear, confident speaker during her cultural presentation.

Room 4:   Sofia Hiley

  • Always trying her best and being a resilient learner when facing challenging tasks.

Room 4:   Kate Sim

  • Being an agentic learner and working hard to continue her learning outside of school.

Room 4:  James Harrison-Uren

  • Being an active listener and sharing his ideas with his peers.

Room 1:   Luke Van Biljon

  • Filming and organisational skills during the Cultural Summit.

Room 1:  Olivia Owen

  • Putting effort into al class activities.

Room 18:  Isabella Loyns

  • Showing initiative in the class and offering sensible answers to help the classes learning.

Room 18:   JJ Le Grange

  • Demonstrating perseverance during all classroom activities.

Room 19:   Connor Lourens

  • Showing leadership at the Cultural Summit.  Recording names, filming presentations and giving presentations – you did everything!

Room 19: Alina Zhao

  • Her mind-blowing ability to solve one-cut geometry problems.