Junior School

Room 6:  Oliver Tripathi

  • Showing excellent resilience in his maths – keep going !!

Room 6:  Wilson Wei

  • Excellent resilience in his maths – keep going !!

Room 7:   Mina Zhang

  • Working collaboratively on a problem solving task

Room 7:   Jason Qiu

  • Working collaboratively on a problem solving task

Room 7:   Florence Haxton

  • Working collaboratively on a problem solving task

Room 8:   Doris Yang

  • Demonstrating perserverance and a positive attitude toward learning

Room 8:  Ollie Ni

  • Demonstrating a high level of respect and responsibility

Room 9:   Helena Hu

  • Staying on task and for making good progress in reading

Room 9:   Sofia Lewis

  • Showing kindness towards her classmates

Room 9:   Ezra-Papal’ll-Sanileva

  • Showing initiative in the classroom and sharing good ideas at reading time

Room 11:   Tayla Deetlefs

  • Demonstrating fantastic problem solving skills in maths

Room 11:   Jeremy Seekup

  • Being a kind friend to others in the class

Room 10:   James Coxon-Byrne

  • Displaying the school values of relationships –  he is kind and caring

Room 10:   Suri Lopez-Varela

  • Improving in her independence at writing time

Room 5:   Lola Croker

  • Being such a positive, polite and caring member of room 5

Room 5:   Rhys Band

  • Always showing the BBPS school values

Room 5:  Siddondo Oduol

  • Outstanding effort in the junior production

Room 5:  Queenie Shao

  • Improvement and independence in literacy

Room 5:  Noah Delonge

  • Great improvement in his writing

Middle School

Room 13:  Archie Vivash

  • Always showing the BBP values and being a superb role model to his peers

Room 13:  Austin Shan

  • Listening attentively to feedback given to him and making changes to improve his work

Room 13:   Mathew Bailey

  • Working hard and making great progress in all learning areas

Room 14:   Grace Papal’II-Sanileva

  • Always doing her best to help others.  You are a great role model Grace.

Room 14:   Tobias (T-Bo) Crowhurst

  • Being an outstanding role model during preparation for the Middle school production

Room 14:   Joseph Naufahu

  • Clearly explaining his thinking during problem solving in maths

Room 15:  Yanni Li

  • Showing an exceptional level of maturity and responsibility during the practises for the Middle School Production

Room 15:  Sam Wilson

  • Showing resilience while learning the frog dance for the Middle School Production

Room 17:   Regan Smith

  • Having great resilience and confidence during the production

Room 17:   Max Tollenaar

  • Having the equipment he needs to begin his learning, great organisation.

Room 12:   Raymond Liu

  • Using his knowledge of science to make quizzes for his classmates

Room 12:   Emilia Hughes

  • Recrafting her writing to include more interesting and descriptive vocabulary

Room 16:   Jayden Nguyen

  • Demonstrating improved tiaki and whanaungatanga (responsibility and relationships) in his learning

Room 16:   Nathan Zheng

  • Developing his whanaungatanga (relationships) in working collaboratively in class

Senior School

Room 2:  Jericho Ngaata

  • Demonstrating strong leadership while preparing for and performing in the Koanga Festival

Room 2:   Cohen Barnett

  • Showing a strong growth mindset by challenging himself to do his best in all class activities

Room 3:    Kymond Chan

  • Excellence in her presentation of her inquiry learning.  Kymond gives 100% to all classroom tasks.

Room 3:   Nikhil Ranchhod

  • An outstanding effort with his speech writing and presenting.  Nikhil gives 100% to all that he does

Room 3:  Jerry Xu

  • An outstanding contribution to singing of our production songs

Room 4:   Cloris Wang

  • Being a proactive learner who manager her time to ensure completion of class work and is always willing to help out her peers

Room 4:   Ludick Henning

  • Always willing to take on a role to support his peers and trying his best even when he’s unsure

Room 1:   Luke Waymouth

  • Effort put into problem solving

Room 1:   Vicky Wang

  • Effort put into creating an original speech

Room 18:  Oscar Zheng

  • Applying the knowledge he has in mathematics to problem solving in the class

Room 18:     Hannah Rush

  • Consistently demonstrating the BBPS values and always offering help and support to others.

Room 19:   Stephen Nguyen

  • Showing the value of relationships, whanaungatanga, by looking out for and helping your younger buddy during literacy week.

Room 19:   Kashmi Dukkau

  • Displaying a willingness to adapt and enthusiasm for learning everyday.  A brilliant start to BBPS.

Room 19:   Noah Williams

  • Outstanding demonstration of the school values in Rugby, Football and Gymnastics