Yesterday Room 2 went to Te Tuhi. The first thing that we did was do the roll call and all of us got into two lines and walked to the bus. It wasn’t a long drive, though the bus stopped a bit wobbly. I stepped outside and in front of me was a massive building called Te Tuhi. I looked through the windows and I saw something that looked like a skeleton of a rocket.  Then it made a loud sound like a rocket blasting off in front of my face and then a explosion of dry ice evaporated. It was crawling on the ceiling .

After we did the acting we were allowed to choose from any story, any movie or a TV show.  So Oliver, Conner Alfie and I, after discussing and choosing which one we were going to do, chose The Three Little Pigs.  I was the big bad wolf and Alfie, Conner and Oliver were the three little pigs.  So I huffed and I puffed and I blew Alfie’s house down and then Alfie moved into Conner’s house.  So then I huffed and I puffed and I blew Conner’s house down.  Then Conner and Alfie moved into Oliver’s house made out of bricks.  I breathed in slowly. Then I blew out as hard as I could and I fell down to the ground, knocked out.  Alfie was pointing at me with a funny face laughing and everyone was clapping. Then after that we did art of what we were acting.

 We had to use three different coloured pieces of paper.  I drew three little pigs and some clouds and the sun. After that we glued it on another piece  of paper and it looked like one of the scenes from The Three Little Pigs.

As we were leaving there was a dry ice machine that blows out the evaporation everywhere. Then we all said “thank you” to the parent helpers and went back on the bus and went to BBPS to do our work.