We arrived at Motat on the bus and waited patiently for the staff to open the gate.  Once the gate was open we went inside.  Then one of the staff introduced herself.  Her name was Abby.  Then Abby told us the rules and said “Motat is a what we call a working museum.”  Abby then led us to our meeting area where we were to have morning tea and lunch.  After our snack we got into our groups and started walking to the massive purple building.   It was the exhibition zone.   On our way there, I saw a long black steam train.  I thought it looked like the Hogwart’s Express from Harry Potter.

We then entered the exhibition zone.  We first got into the Body area.   We then went into a big cardboard nose and I used a pulse machine to see my pulse.  Then I used a machine that was sort of like a bike pedal.  I got the light over the red  group.  After the exhibition we went to have a tram tour.  We saw steam coming out of the Bilward tram which was 126 years old.  We then went aboard a double decker tram with an open roof on the top and really thin stars so it was hard to get up to the second floor. 

After that we went back to explore the exhibitions.   There was a really cool Plasma Ball and Luke electrocuted me. We then went and had the Educators lesson with Abby to learn about new and old inventions.   There was a new iron and an old iron which was made out of metal and was heavy.  There was also a typewriter and some quills and ink. We then headed back to our meeting spot to have lunch.  After that we went on a trail to look for all 6 locations.  One was the Pump house,  another one was the Fire Station and there were lots of old fire trucks.  Not all of them had a roof so if it rained the firefighters got wet because of the open roof.

At the end of the day everyone was tired so we hopped back on the bus and headed towards BBPS.  Lots of people fell asleep because they were tired but Jan, Sophia, Maria and I weren’t tired. .Motat was truly an exciting day.