Today Room 2 went to an art gallery called Te Tuhi.   We got to do really fun things like acting and making posters.  My favourite thing was the acting.  For the acting we had to pick a little group.  My group was Mateo, Alex H, Maria and me.  Then we had to pick a fairy tale and we choose Little Red Riding Hood. Next we had to make a quick skit in five minutes.  After we had finished our skit, we had to watch Victoria’s group do their skit and it was Peter Pan Then it was our turn to do our skit.  I was really proud of our group. Next we went to the art studio to make posters.  I thought my poster was really good and I also thought everyone else’s poster was good too.  Then we sadly had to go back to school but i had a great time at Te Tuhi and I would love to go again next year.