On the 19th of August, the Bucklands Beach Primary netball B team went up against Botany Downs at an away game. We were going with Mrs Griffin and Mrs Riach, along with the rest of the team. It took a while to get there so we listened to music the whole way. We were also chatting away about lots of different things. When we arrived, we stepped eagerly out of the car and onto the car park. We skipped up the path and into the reception to ask where to go for our game. The receptionist told us directions and off we went. Their court was concrete, which I wasn’t very used to because I’m more used to playing on an AstroTurf. We started warming up while the rest of the Botany team came. After our warm up, we began sorting our positions on the court, then…BEEP! The whistle went. I dashed out of my position, waiting for the ball to come to me. The first half, let’s be honest Botany didn’t play as well. We scored a couple of goals in that half and Botany scored 2. At half time we gathered around for a team talk. The whistle went and off we dashed. We passed the ball to each other, just like we discussed in training. Our shooters Rachel and Charlotte scored mighty goals in the second half. The final whistle went. The total score was 15-4, to US! We cheered and drove back to the school. When we arrived back, it was the end of lunch time. When I walked through the corridor to get changed, people asked if we won. Well of course, 15-4 to us! I had a little snack after I asked Mrs Chilvers. Then at assembly we had sport report and we shared the the news to the school, with Paige and Jack saying a mini report.