On the 14th of June some of the Senior School went to the netball  field day to learn how to play netball.
In the morning we hopped on the bus and it took a few minutes to get to the netball courts in Howick.  There were lots of schools. We first put our bags at the stadium and went for our warm up.

Our first game was against Point View Primary. At first I didn’t know how to play netball or anything about netball.  After I scored a few goals I started to get the feeling of how to play and it actually turned out to be a pretty fun game.  I was good at defending.  I defended a few balls from the other team.  They were leading 0-3.  We were losing but then we started to catch up with each other and scored 2 goals. We were behind them and then scored 1 but…… we caught up and it was 4-3.  We were winning!

The rest of the day was great fun as well. I recommend you to go to the netball field day if you haven’t.