On the 18.09.16. I went to Hong Kong. When we arrived it was midnight because it was a long fight and it was an uncomfortable ride. We finally arrived the next day. I went walking. I went to Cheung Chau. It has the biggest fishballs in Hong Kong. In Cheung Chau there is a bun festival. We watched for colourful events during the week leading up to the major celebrations. There was a parade from 2 – 4 pm. We played at the beach. There was a lot of garbage and there were sharks as well. We bought sand sets and one had a truck in it. I also played table tennis. You had to run in on the side to smash the ball into the other side. It was so relaxing for me and it was my grandpa’s 80th birthday. The restaurant was slow at cooking food. We waited a long time. We also saw my two younger cousins who went to Canada to live and they left two days ago earlier than us.