I was rolling around, twisting and turning in the plain old lake. “I wish I can go on an adventure,” I thought. Having arrived at the big lake 3 months ago, I was really bored. I wanted something else, wanted new friends to play with, everything was gloomy and it stank! Suddenly, I felt lighter and lighter.

“What’s happening,” I called out frantically. I tried my best to stay put, but I was being pulled away…

I went higher and higher, colder and colder. By the time I stopped, my body was shaking. I realized what was happening. Evaporating with fellow water drops. Free! That was what I felt along with excitement and lightness. More and more droplets joined with others and formed groups. I felt a magnetic force pulling me to a group. We joined with other groups and made a big bunch.

Being with new droplets made me happy, but something was wrong. Something groaned and creaked while more droplets joined in. I was squashed, bunched up and confused on what would happen next. I tried looking for my old buddies, but I didn’t catch a glimpse.

A groan so loud it could’ve been heard from out of space, and suddenly I plunged down. I was free falling as rain. The wind rushed in my face, bringing tears to my face, until it burned. I landed in a bucket with my old buddies! A big creature towered over me. I plummeted out of the bucket onto a deck…

Days later, I was in the sky again. The same thing over again.  This time I landed in a big, BIG ocean. I spent my time floating around waiting for “something” to happen. I felt light.
“Not again!” I groaned.