(This is me in the game convention!)


On Thursday the 26th of May we went to Motat to learn about the history of New Zealand and some of the inventors and invented things. We stayed there for the whole day and had our lunch. My mum volunteered to be a parent helper so I got to choose who was in my group, and I chose Luke, Oliver and Kalib.  The bus ride there was long but fun.   We saw a rainbow but it started to fade away so we sang “‘p]Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows.”   Finally we got there and that was when the adventure started.

First Abbey, our guide, told us about the trails we would go on.  Then we had a delicious morning tea at our sheltered meeting spot on a Maori designed mat that looked like a hand made mat. First we went to the village and there was a butcher model, but he was scary when I saw his missing eye and lost fingers. We also went to the blacksmith’s shed and read that the blacksmith would make horse shoes and pots and cutlery and even weapons for the war and defencemen. We also went to the schoolhouse and read the school rules which were a bit mean and they were ‘never to speak in Maori, don’t write with your left hand and only speak when you are spoken to’.  The last one was not as cruel as the other ones. Then we went to the meeting spot and had lunch.

After lunch we went to the How your Body Works  exhibition and looked at the Benham disc which was a disc that had a black and a white line on a semi circle and when the disc spun you could see colour. It was an awesome eye trick. There in front of us we saw a 3-D printer and it was making a vase.  There was an arcade room so we went to the games and played for a while. Abbey called for us to come to the meeting spot. When we got there she told us to come to the learning classroom. So we went to a mini classroom near the arcade and did some fun activities. My favourite activities were the typewriter where you wrote your name with a typewriter and the quill that I also wrote my name with.

Then It was time to go. We said thanks to our helpers and guide. Then the long ride home began. I had so much fun there.