We were going to Motat I was excited but…… my sister was super slow in the morning.   But when we got to school we were not late.

It was a bus trip. I hate buses; buses make me sick and dizzy  .It was long trip.   Finally we reached our destination.  The place was pretty quiet.  First the instructor told us her name.  Her name was Abby.   Then we got in our groups and did our activities but my Mum got them in the wrong order and we did the search first.   Some got finished but when we finished my Mum thought we were in the wrong group.   Then we were in the right place.  In the class there were olden day items matched with what we use  now.  There was the writing machine (typewriter) which we could use.  It  used ink and there was no delete button.  We wrote with a feather and ink and there were  old electronic devices.  My favourite activity was the ink printer .
Then we had lunch.  My mum bought a mince and cheese pic and a hot chocolate from the shop for me..