We would like to extend a warm welcome to all those students and their families who have joined the Middle School this term.  This is going to be a busy and exciting term.


Please do not hesitate to contact the school if there is an issue or problem at school or at home.  

Room 12    Debbie Rist                 Year 4   debbie@bbps.school.nz – (Team Leader)

Room 13    Cherry Wong              Year 3   c.wong@bbps.school.nz

Room 14    Jacinta Howie            Year 3   jacinta@bbps.school.nz  

Room 15    Anushka Patel            Year 3   a.patel@bbps.school.nz

Room 16    Alan McInally             Year 4   a.mcinally@bbps.school.nz

Room 17    Charlotte Wilson        Year 3 & 4    c.wilson@bbps.school.nz


All students are expected to wear the correct uniform items every day.  This term the winter uniform is to be worn. This includes a school shirt and culottes for girls, and black shoes for all students. Please remember that shoes are to be black and be suitable to run and play in. 

Students are also reminded that they are expected to wear the correct uniform for sport and PE. They are to wear school uniform to and from school and then get changed at school into their blue shorts, sports t-shirt and suitable footwear.


All students have a PE lesson with Mrs Trotter on Wednesday this term. During the first 6 weeks we will be practising and preparing for our production for later in the term. Your child may be in an activity that requires them to bring their sports uniform on days other than Wednesday. We’ll let you know early next term. Mrs Trotter has asked that the students wear sports shoes for their PE session.

Term Two Highlights

 STOMP Dance

Everyone enjoyed themselves when STOMP dance came to BBP. Each student took part in learning four different dances. Some of the moves that were learnt will be used in our production performance in Term 3.

Arts Rotation

For the last part of Term 2, each class visited the different classes to take part in different arts or PE activities. One group was drumming using djembe drums, another group made collaborative art and the other group practised their gymnastics and cross country running skills. 

Changes in States of Matter Inquiry

Last term the Middle School classes learnt many new things about changes in states of matter. The learning over the term culminated in presenting information reports in posters, coding, kahoot games, videos, google slide presentations and in using their scientific knowledge to carry out their own experiments. You can see the work the students have done on classroom walls, on iPads where they have made presentations, and in their google docs.

TERM 3 Focus

Dance Festival

The dance festival will be held at 6.30 pm at Sommerville Intermediate on the 7th and 8th August. The tickets are available from the school office for families and friends who have children participating, at $5 per person. There will be a reminder when these tickets become available.

Inquiry Focus 

During term 3, the school will be learning through a project-based inquiry unit. This process focuses on developing critical thinking and problem solving skills in students. The middle school students will be working towards learning the history of the Bucklands Beach area and challenging their thinking to find ways to present their information and findings in exciting, interesting ways. As part of the learning we will interviewing people, reading about the local area, researching the history, mapping the local area and finding out about the different ways that people contribute to our area. If you think that you would have something to offer us to help our learning, we would love to hear from you.

To support the learning for this inquiry the middle team will be visiting the Howick Historical Village to learn about the history of our area.

Year 4 students (Rooms 12, 16 and 17) will visit on the 29 July.

Year 3 students (Rooms 13, 14 and 15) will visit on the13 August.

Maths Week

We will be holding a special Maths week August 12th – 16th.   We will be using this website during class teaching and students are welcome to use it also. 


Throughout the term, our maths Strand focus will be measurement and geometry, or map reading and orientation. The students will be continuing to increase number knowledge and strategies. It is important that our students continue to practice their multiplication and division facts in order to be able to recall then quickly. In literacy we will focus on procedural writing, explanations, and narrative writing – telling a story.


Our school is once again hoping to have students present their learning using digital technologies at the 2019 Google Educator’s Summit, to be held at Kumeu Matua Ngaru Primary School on Friday August 30th. Mrs Chilvers and Mrs Rist have applied to take groups of students to this summit. More details will follow later in the term.

New Zealand Playhouse Presentation

On the 21 of September, the New Zealand Playhouse Production Company will deliver an exciting and interactive show called “The Tortoise and the Hare”. This performance ties in with our literacy this term, as we are focusing on writing narrative stories and retelling fairy tales and legends, and also on presenting our production performance in week 7. 

The cost per student to attend the New Zealand Playhouse show is $6.00.  Payment can be made through Kindo or through the school office.

Middle School Performance

The Middle School will be involved in performances held on the night of the 2nd and 3rd of September. This year our theme will be a remake of our favourite fairy tales.  The audience cost will be $5 per person. Due to the hall size each family will be allocated two tickets. If you require extra, you can leave your name at the school office should extra seats become available. There will be a matinee on the 2 September at 1.40 pm, tickets will cost $2.00 per person. 

Monday 2 September 1.40 – 3 pm – matinee

 Monday 2 September   6.00pm students to arrive at school. 6.30 – 7.30 pm – evening performance

Tuesday 3 September   6.00pm students to arrive at school. 6.30 – 7.30 pm – evening performance


Important dates  for this term


  • Week 3 
  • Dance Festival
  • Week 4 
  • 13 August – HPPA Cross Country
  • Maths Week
  • Junior Production
  • Week 5


    • Literacy Week – 21 August, NZ Playhouse. 22 August, Poetry Author


  • Week 6
  • Thursday 29 August HPPA Gymnastics Competition
  • Friday 30 August – Koanga Festival
  • Week 7
  • Middle Production. Performances Monday and Tuesday, 2 and 3 September 
  • Week 8 
  • Maori Language Week
  • Week 9
  • Senior Production
  • Week 10 – Last day of term. School finishes at 3pm



Middle School Term 1 2019 Permission and Payment


Payment is accepted as permission to attend.  

I give permission for my child ________________,   Room _________ to attend 


The New Zealand Playhouse Theatre                    $6.00

The Poetry presentation                                         $2.00


 All payments for trips etc can be made online or to your child’s teacher. Go to the school website, click on Parents, select “Parent Shop” and pay on “Kindo”.