Dear Parents

Speeches and Oral Reading

Over the the term the year 4 classes will be working on persuasive writing and speeches in class.  During weeks 7 and 8, the students will be presenting their speeches in class. Each year group will be selecting finalists to present to the whole team, which will take place on 21 September in the school hall.  The year 3 students will be working on persuasive writing, and will present a piece of oral reading that they will have practised at home and as part of the class reading programme. All parents are welcome to attend.


This term the children will be participating in a spellathon. The testing day will be September 7th. More information will be sent home with each child later in the term.

The Arts

Music Programme

From week 3, our teachers will be teaching music using an online music programme called Rad Rhythm.

We are looking forward to using the expertise of online media.

Dance Festival

The dance festival will be held at 7 pm at Elim College on the 6th and 7th August. The tickets are available from the school office for families and friends who have children participating, at $5 per person.

Choir Festival

The choir festival will be held on the 28th and 29th August at Bucklands Beach Intermediate. We have a group of children participating in this. Ticket information will be available later in the term.


We will have the Tread Lightly caravan parked at school from the week of 13th-17th August.

Every class will be having an opportunity to visit this caravan and we will need parent helpers. If you are able to help, please notify your child’s teacher.

16 August – Rooms 12,15 and 16.

22 August – Rooms 13 and 14

There is a $5 charge.

Maths Week

We will be holding a special Maths week August 13th – 17th.   We will be using this website during class teaching and students are welcome to use it also.

Important Reminders


All students are expected to wear the correct uniform items every day.  This term the winter uniform is to be worn. This includes a school shirt and culottes for girls, and black shoes for all students.  Please remember that shoes are to be black and be suitable to run and play in.

Students are also reminded that they are expected to wear the correct uniform for sport and PE. They are to wear school uniform to and from school and then get changed at school into their blue shorts, sports t-shirt and suitable footwear.


All students have a PE lesson with Mrs Trotter on Thursday. On Tuesday the students will be involved in a sports and arts rotation where they will take part in a range of sports games or dance. PE is part of the school curriculum and it is important that your child brings their sports uniform on each of these days. Mrs Trotter has asked that the students wear sports shoes for their PE session.

Term 3 Focus

Inquiry Focus

This term Middle School students will be conducting an inquiry unit called “How We Express Ourselves”. This will be a follow on from the migration inquiry from Term 2 where we will be inquiring into ways in which we discover and express ideas creatively in many forms of art. We will be looking at different artists and exploring art from different cultures. The children will be encouraged to bring artworks or photos or books from different cultures to school to share with their class.

The inquiry will culminate in a showcase in Term 4 of the process the students have taken and the completed art.

Throughout the term, our focus in Maths will involve multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, and measurement and time. In Literacy we will focus on narrative and persuasive writing.

Te Tuhi

Te Tuhi art gallery offers free visits and art lessons to schools.  This term each class will visit the gallery to take part in an art lesson conducted by a Te Tuhi educator.  The cost of this trip is $5.00 to cover the bus ride.

27th August Rm 14, 15
28th August Rm 13, 16
31st August Rm 12

Throughout the term students will be learning about, and practising speech writing and oral presentations. The final presentation for speeches and oral reading will be in week 9.

Important dates  for this term


  • 3 August – Chinese paper Cutting
  • Week 3 – ERO visit
  • Week 4 – Tread Lightly Caravan
  • 6 August – Dance Festival rehearsal
  • 6 & 7 August – Dance Festival – Elim College
  • 13-17 August – Maths Week
  • 27 August – Choir Festival
  • 28 & 29 August – Choir Festival – BBI
  • 27 August – Te Tuhi Art Galery – Rooms 14 & 15
  • 28 August – Te Tuhi Art Gallery – Rooms 13 & 16
  • 31 August – Te Tuhi Art Gallery – Room 12
  • Week 7 – Spellathon testing
  • 21 September – Oral Reading & Speech Finals
  • 28 September – Last day of Term 3 – school finishes at 3.00 p.m.

Paying Online

All payments for trips etc can be made online. Go to the school website, click on Parents, select “Parent Shop” and pay on “Kindo”.  

Tread Lightly Caravan – $5.00

Transport by bus to Te Tuhi Art Gallery – $5.00.

Both trips are not compulsory, as they are in addition to the curriculum teaching at school.  If you would like your child to take part in both experiences, please send back the notice below.


I would like my child ____________________ of room _____ to attend the

Tread Lightly Caravan and the Te Tuhi Art Gallery.

I agree to pay the $10 for my child to attend the trips.

Signed:  ____________________ Parent’s name _______________

I would be interested in being a parent helper for the Tread Lightly Caravan. Yes/No

I would be interested in being a parent helper on the trip to Te Tuhi Art Gallery. Yes/No

Contact Phone number ____________________________