In Room 2 we did something with LitttleBits.   My partner Kendall and I made a Prank Handshake machine and it was so much fun.  We took turns wearing it and we put jumpers on to hide the ‘magic’ and went around the class shaking people’s hands.  The picture you see is me and the Prank Handshake machine.

We opened the box to get the instructions booklet out to see how to assemble our Prank Handshake. First there was the battery, then the main power switch, the extending cord , the button, another extending cord and lastly the buzzer.  Strapping it to ourselves was a pain, because the rubber bands rubbed against my skin when I tried to put my jumper on, just to hide the magic.  So for the next minute we went around the classroom shaking people’s hands and hi-fiving them.  The buzzer was really irritating because it was strapped to my skin..  We took it of when Mrs Chilvers told us to and packed up.  I like learning this because it was fun and interesting.