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Lightning is caused when ice particles rub together in the clouds which makes an electrical charge. At the top of the cloud there’s positive and at the bottom there’s a negative. When the two charges mix they create a positive barge which then makes lightning.

When there’s lightning you should never stand under a tree because lightning targets the highest point. If you’re outside in an open field when there’s lightning, you run as fast as you can to somewhere safe. You should stay indoors because it’s safer than being outside.

Fork lightning is when it branches off one branch and goes in a different directions because the wind blows it. Bead lightning is a type of lightning that looks like dots in the sky. Ribbon lightning is a lightning that looks like ribbon falling down from the sky.

Lake Maracaibo almost has lightning strikes every night, making it impossible to sleep. The people that live in Venezuela hope that seeing the lightning will attract tourists from all around the world to just come to see the lightning strikes at night.

In my opinion it’s amazing how lightning forms inside the cloud when ice particles rub together. We can give Venezuela safety supplies to live in peace.