“Woof woof,” barked Katie’s dog Emma. She was excited about the party. Katie was going to have a party at her house. Katie was worried if her friends weren’t going to come. “Ding dong, ding dong.” Emma ran towards the door trying to open the door jumping high, but soon ran out of energy. Katie laughed at her special pet and rushed to the door.

    “Happy birthday, Katie!” Her friends burst into the doorway and then it was all peaceful. One by one, they went upstairs. After the talking and giggling and chit chatting, the disaster struck her. They heard a ring on the door.  Her friends looked at each other see if anyone was missing. Then it struck Katie. Her parents! She was too afraid to see her parents because of all the mess she had made. She finally opened the door in frustration. After her parents saw what was happening, Katie’s parents gave her a huge punishment.

      “Clean up the house from top to bottom, everything has to be clean and tidy,” they said. After the cleaning and washing. Katie lay on her bed thinking about  the things that happened that day. Feeling delighted, she fell asleep in peace, dreaming about her party.