When it rains, the tree soaks up the water and it goes down to the root. Then it gives the water to the leaves. The sun goes on the leaves and then it evaporates. After a few days, the clouds get heavier and heavier. Then it starts to rain and again and again goes the cycle. Then sunshine shoots down to the tree and dries up the water. Then more rain comes down which is known as precipitation.

The reason sunshine goes to trees is because they need to live. If they don’t live, we won’t live. Trees make new oxygen and they suck up our co2, so we don’t get sick. If we don’t have trees, we won’t have fresh oxygen and instead, we would breath in co2 all the time, as long as we live and until we grow old. This would probably cause health problems to us.

Water is important to trees because it’s the trees’ food, and it’s really important that our trees live or otherwise we will die. We need a whole bunch of trees and the Amazon and other different places are important. People lucky to have trees and should not cut them down.