Dear Parents

This year’s dance festival will be held on Monday 8 August and Tuesday 9 August at the Elim Christian College Auditorium.

Dress rehearsal:

This will be held on the morning of Monday 8th. The students will travel by bus to and from Elim College and will be accompanied by staff. The cost of the bus will be $5.00. Please complete the slip below and return with the money to Mrs Trotter (Seniors) or Mrs Rist (Middle) by Monday 27 July.


The show begins at 6.30pm. Students are asked to arrive by 6.00pm. They will be told what classroom they are using at the dress rehearsal (see above). They will need to already be in their make-up and costumes ready to dance before arriving at the college. All children performing in the festival are to watch the other performances in the chapel via a video link. Dancers performing in the first half will not be permitted to enter the auditorium when they finish. This is due to the limited availability of tickets and out of fairness to the older children who are unable to watch as they are in the second half. Those dancers performing in the first half may be collected from the chapel after their performance. Please make contact with a BBPS staff member before leaving.

Ticket Sales:

Tickets will be on sale at the cost of $5.00 from the school office from the first week of next term. Under 5s are free. Each dancer has an allocation of two tickets per night. There may or may not be extra tickets made available closer to the performance date.


Middle school group : Please provide black leggings, preferably ¾ length and a black singlet. The school will provide a red skirt.

Senior Group : See Mrs Trotter for your costumes.

Please fill in the form below making a commitment that your child will be available to perform on both of these nights and whether they may travel by bus to attend the rehearsal.

We are really looking forward to another fantastic show this year!

Kind regards

Cindy Christensen  – Arts Coordinator

Rebecca Trotter

Debbie Rist

Dance Tutors


My child ________________________________  of Room ____________ will attend the Dance Festival on the 8th and 9th August.  Please find enclosed $5.00 to travel on the bus to the dress rehearsal for the Dance Festival on Monday 8th August.


Signed _________________________________