The greenhouse effect is caused by the rays of sunshine that get trapped and the heat rises in there, and the CO2 traps it, keeping our planet warm.  If we don’t have this extra warmth, earth would be about 30 degrees Celsius cooler, a difficult place to live, but Antarctica’s glacier will melt and the polar ice caps will melt as well if there is too much.

Sea levels will rise gradually and that is when global warming starts. The greenhouse effect is caused by Co2 in the atmosphere. There is more heat now making it not balanced. If we have more green house gases, Antarctica and other countries that have ice will melt, even the animal species like polar bears will become extinct.

Our carbon dioxide is increasing  because people burn fossil fuels.  People should stop burning fossil fuels and start planting their plants outside and stop causing greenhouse gases so our animals won’t be extinct, and our planet won’t be destroyed.