At the inter-school cross country everyone was feeling very nervous and wondering about how well they were going to do in the race. One by one the races went by, until it was the Year five boys race.  Our teacher walked us down to the start line and we got in the order of the placing at the school cross country. Bang, the starter gun fired and everyone shot off as fast as a rocket. The first person to take the lead was Cooper from our school, while my friends Finley and Jarred came out of nowhere and fought for the lead. I sped up and challenged Jack and Julian for third place but Jack came out on top, followed closely by me and Julian a little bit behind. Jack sped up and got a bigger lead. The finish was close and I sped up. Jack finished, then me close behind. It was a great race and I enjoyed it. It was time to announce the winners.  Our school won over all and everyone was excited.