On 12.8.16. after lunch the whole Middle School and Senior School went to line up on the turf. We first lined in our whanau groups. We had to say our whanau’s saying. Our one is

“Turn on the radio what do you hear? Rangitoto Rangitoto give us a cheer, we’re going to beat them, bust them, throw them in the dust bin.  Go Rangitoto.”

First it was Year 3 girls and then Year 3 boys.  Then it was Year 4 girls and then Year 4 boys. The Middle School were supposed to run around the school once and seniors had to run twice around the school. Next it was Year 5 girls and then it was the Year 5 boys – that was me.  Oh boy, I hate running. I felt I had butterflies in my stomach. We first did warm ups with Mrs Riach.
We were going to start the race.  I was so nervous ready set go. We went like a pack of wolves trying to catch a sheep. The first lap was easy like a piece of pie but the second lap was hard.  I was puffing like crazy but I noticed Samuel wasn’t behind me. When I reached the end I thought “where is he?” and then I found out that he had fainted.