On Friday the school had cross country. Everyone was sitting on the warm astro turf, waiting in their colourful whanau groups. I was ready for my turn to run and I was nervous but ready. We went down to Mrs Riach to do the warm ups. I heard my leg crack as I did one of the hard stretches. Mrs Riach directed us to Mr Chamberlain down the steep muddy hill. He told us not to go into the deep squashy mud and then told us to go when he blew the loud screeching whistle. He blew it and we rushed away like a herd of wildebeasts. I watched all of the competitors race ahead of me but I knew that they would get tired soon so I paced myself. They soon got tired and I raced ahead of them like lightning. The wind blew through my hair as I passed other kids. I could hear the parents’ loud cheering.  I was near the long finish line. I sprinted passed all the blasting and cheering as I crossed the finish line with relief. I was happy I made it.