On Friday the 12th of August it was the school cross country.  As we were walking to the Astroturf I had butterflies in my stomach.  When we got to the Astroturf we sat in our whanau which had different banners representing each one. Then Mrs Bigwood suddenly started taking into the shiny red megaphone.  I knew that the races were starting soon.   Mrs Chilvers then announced “Year 3 Girls” through the megaphone, then “Year 3 Boys.”  We all had a turn to run. Finally it was the Year 5 Boys turn. We lined up and walked straight to Mrs Riach who was doing exercises so we didn’t get the stitch as we were running.  After the exercise Mrs Riach led us to Mr Chamberlain who was doing the clapper that sent us off.  We all ran around the track twice and I puffed and we all had a huge break at the end.