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The day was hot and windy. It was the day that most people dreaded and I did as well, was the CROSS COUNTRY! 

All the Year 5 girls were lined up fastest in the front and slowest in the back.  Everyone was puffed from stretching. Mr Chamberlain was lifting his whistle to his lips. As soon as we heard the screech…. We were off.  After ten minutes of running, I felt like Superman being exposed to Kryptonite. I started to slow down to a jog. I was at the back of the pack with Caprice. We ran for what felt like miles.  I felt as short as a crocodile, lost in the jungle with a pack of lions chasing me until suddenly…  There in front of me were the two red benches, the finish line Hooray, Hooray.  I ran like a cheetah through the finish line. I came last but I had a blast.  Better luck next time.