On Friday all of the students of BBPS went outside and sat on the boiling hot AstroTurf . We had to sit in our whanau group.  My whanau was Pakatoa so I went to go sit next to Pakatoa.  Next thing I heard was Mrs Chillvers calling out Year five girls.  I got really nervous so  I went up and walked towards Mrs Chillvers. Mrs Chillvers took us to Mrs Riach.  Mrs Riach took us to do some stretches. First we started reaching down and touching our toes.  Secondly we did some arm stretches. After the stretches we walked down to the starting line.   “On your marks, get set. GO.”  

As soon as we knew it we were off.  I wasn’t even half way and I was already tired but I kept on running.  Then I was finally at the end.  All I could hear was people shouting at me saying, “GO ALEX, GO ALEX” When I went past the finish line I was really proud of myself.  After that I went to grab my drink bottle and went to go sit back down.