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About Yasu O

I am in year 4, I like games. My favourite subject is sport. I hope you like my work. Please add a comment if you like it. I am learning to try improve my writing.

Fancy Feet by Yasu

On Fancy Feet day we used our imagination to give our shoes super powers. 

By |29th November 2016|Middle School, Rm 13 Writing, Room 13|0 Comments

Lost Airbus8380

I have written a tale with pictures and recording and I am proud of my work. Click to view my tale.

By |22nd September 2016|Room 13|0 Comments

Yasu’s Olympic Concrete Poem

IALT make a concrete poem using words that describe an Olympic sport. I'm proud of my poem because I've used lots of Olympic words.I hope you enjoy my concrete poem       

By |1st September 2016|Rm 13 Writing, Room 13|0 Comments

Yasu’s Pepeha

I am learning to read my pepeha aloud.

By |18th June 2016|Room 13|0 Comments

Readers Theatre

We are learning to present our poem as a readers theatre.Matthew, William, Kaden, Yasu  

By |27th May 2016|Classes, Room 13|0 Comments
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