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About William L

I am year 4. I am learning to try and improve my writing. My favourite thing to do is games! I hope you enjoy my work and please leave a comment.

Fancy Feet by William

Today is fancy feet day so to celebrate we gave our feet super powers. 

By |29th November 2016|Classes|0 Comments

Fancy Feet.

Today is Fancy Feet day so we made our own powers for our shoes.  

By |29th November 2016|Rm 13 Writing, Room 13|0 Comments

William and Yasu’s Hopscotch Code

http://www.gethopscotch.com/projects/yciznl4yuThis is William and Yasu's Moneyman Maze. In it you must touch all the emojis without touching blocks. This is the link to play it on an iPad.Link.

By |9th November 2016|Room 13|0 Comments

Things Disappear

I have written a narrative about things disappearing and being forgotten so I hope you enjoy.Click to view my tale.

By |19th September 2016|Middle School, Rm 13 Writing, Room 13|0 Comments

Olympic Concrete Poem

I think hearing other people telling me their poem helped me a lot to write my own poem.

By |30th August 2016|Rm 13 Writing, Room 13|0 Comments

The Three Parrots

We are learning to retell a legend. This is the story of the three parrots and how they got their names. Written and produced by William and Samantha.

By |18th June 2016|Room 13|0 Comments

William’s Pepeha

I am learning to read my pepeha aloud.

By |18th June 2016|Room 13|0 Comments

Why do People Want to Keep the Mangroves?

We have made a presentation about mangroves. Click on the slides to read the questions we had about mangroves.William, Brooklyn and Patrick. 

By |12th April 2016|Room 13|0 Comments
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