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About Shenae B

I'm year 4. I like ice-cream. My favourite activity is hola hooping. My favourite part of gymnastics is bars. I hope you enjoy my positive work. This is where you can find out what I am learning at school. Enjoy reading my work and please leave a positive comment if you like my work.

Shenae’s Concrete poem.

My concrete poem is in the shape of a Gymnastics bar.I learned that you can't rush it because if you do then it will look messy, and rushed and I wouldn't want that to happen.

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Bubblegum Dance Crew

On Thursday 7th of July the whole of BBPS went to the hall to see Bubblegum Dance crew. We had a lovely time watching their dances. There were two halves and at the end of the first half we asked

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Shenae’s pepeha

I hope you enjoy the video of my pepeha.

By |27th June 2016|Room 13|0 Comments

The Three Parrots

We have retold the legend of the Three Parrots. We hope you like our iMovie. Retold by Yasu and Shenae.

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Writing a Hook

Swimming. Oh my that was a super fantastic day. My first event in the icy cold water was freestyle 1 length. Woo  the whistle blew  loudly before I was even ready. We zoomed through  the icy  cold water. I came

By |6th April 2016|Rm 13 Writing, Room 13|0 Comments
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