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If you like my work please leave a positive comment. I am a year four.I love drama, the thing I like doing about it is doing news and acting and playing.My favourite thing is school because I love to learn. What I like doing at school is writing. And my favourite colours are pink and purple.

Kayla and Loren’s Hopscotch

This is our avoid the obstacles game.This game can only be played in the Hopscotch World on an iPad. This is the link to the game. 

By |9th November 2016|Room 13|2 Comments

Olympic Wordsearch

How many words can you find?Let us know in the comments what you think.Olympic Wordsearch t o m a p r t s g g s f r s z j y e m w r x t a a r

By |18th August 2016|Rm 13 Writing, Room 13|0 Comments
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