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I am year four . I love doing gymnastics . One of my favourite things is swimming . My favourite colour is pink . This is where you can find out what I am learning at school . If you like my work please leave a positive comment .


This is my narrative about a girl who was late to a cruise, this cruise is not an ordinary cruise, but a Goose Cruise. Read to find out what a Goose Cruise is. Click to view my tale.

By |19th September 2016|Room 13|0 Comments

Olympic Concrete Poem

My poem is showing a description of how Eliza McCartney felt when she was competing in the pole vault.

By |30th August 2016|Rm 13 Writing, Room 13|0 Comments

Cerys’ Pepeha

I have been learning to write my pepeha. I hope you enjoy my artwork and my pepeha.

By |16th June 2016|Room 13|0 Comments

What Animals do the Mangroves Shelter?

Click on the title to read our presentation. Made by Cerys and Tara 

By |13th April 2016|Room 13|0 Comments
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