Auckland Marathon – ‘KIDS MARATHON’

We are about to begin our 2018 Auckland Kids Marathon running build-up.

Over the last few years this event has proved to be very popular and successful. The children feel a great sense of achievement in completing their marathon.  It helps them with their fitness and stamina, and they enjoy the camaraderie of running with their peers. Last year our team consisted of runners who ran the 42.2kms over the 8 week training period and some who ran the 5km race on marathon day.

This year we are aiming to have our largest team ever so we will be eligible to win one of the great prizes being offered by the marathon organisers. Let’s all run together to get BBPS to the top!

This year the Auckland Kids Marathon is on Sunday 28th October and the children cross the same finish line as all the marathon, elite, half, quarter marathon and 5km finishers. All finishers receive an official event medal and time.

Starting on Monday 3rd September, the runs will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 08.10 am. Children will meet on the astroturf to warm up, then complete the run. This will consist of a number of laps of the fitness track and court, measured out as a 500m loop inside the school grounds. The 8 week schedule adds up to 40 kilometres, and the final 2.195km will be run on event day. For safety I will need a couple of adult volunteers to help out at a couple of crucial points around the school so please contact me if you can help.  5km runners are welcome to join us each morning but specific training runs will be held closer to marathon day.

More information can be found by visiting the official website: (click on event information on the left hand side and then Kids Marathon or 5km Kids Race).

Entries can only be registered via this website and the link to register an entry is through the selection screen on the left. There is a cost for each participant. Children must be aged 7 by marathon day (October 28th).

When entering your child into the Kids Marathon:

Go to

Then select ‘enter now’ from the pop-out side panel on the left.

Select your race option and follow the prompts to enter your child’s details.

Enter as a pre-existing team – The school team is: BBPS 2018 (Chamberlain)

Enter the password – (all lowercase):                       bbpskm2018

Continue through the rest of the entry form.

If you have any problems please email me,


Nick Chamberlain

BBPS Sports Coordinator