Leaving loved ones behind
Tears trickle down faces like raindrops from the sky
Hugs and kisses from families
Husbands, Sons and Brothers leave for war
Families wave goodbye like elephant’s waving their trunks

Marching through muddy streets like an army of ants
Soldiers huddle in gathered groups
Digging trenches like moles digging burrows
Arms heave along like heavy sandbags
Foreheads soaked in sweat

Shots whizz out from snipers like birds flying by
Shouting and screaming from wounded soldiers like squawking crows 
A long day of guns firing

Water creeping through sandbags like soft gooey slime
The trench smelling like a gas bomb
Mud clinging to soldiers like climbers to a cliff
Bang! Boom! Bash! Crash!
Bombs fly by

The air is as still as untouched water
Exhausted soldiers stomp out of trenches like dinosaurs
Clopping down to No-Man’s-Land like horses.