Enrolment Form

As planned, our school will be receiving regular ‘master chess coaching’ after school on Tuesdays (beginning Tuesday 2 May – Tuesday 26 September – i.e. all of Terms 2 & 3). Students will go to Room 13 at 3:00 p.m. where they will eat their afternoon tea, supervised by our Chess Coach. The class will finish at 4:10 p.m. when the students must promptly vacate the premises.

If your child would like to join Chess Coaching, please complete the details below and return with your payment of $150.00 ASAP to the Office: Fees will need to be paid prior to any tuition commencing.

Students Name: _____________________________________________ Age: __________ Room: ______

Students Name: _____________________________________________ Age: __________ Room: ______

Students Name: _____________________________________________ Age: __________ Room: ______

Parents Name:___________________________ Mobile: ______________ Home Phone:______________

How will your child be returning home at 4.10pm?

(Please circle):                    Parent Pick Up       Walking                 After-school Care

Note if your child is marked to be picked up and pick up doesn’t occur, we will attempt to contact you. Your child may be put into after-school care at your cost.

Please return this form along with $150.00 to the school office by Wednesday 5 April.

Places will be filled on a first-in best-dressed basis. There are a maximum 20 places available.

Thank you.

Julie Bayer

Office Manager