On Monday 10th of April all the teachers of BBPS, with parents and students of Maori descent, attended the Marae by the Uxbridge Centre. 

We followed correct Marae protocol both inside and outside of the wharenui. 

We were greeted and ushered onto the Marae with a karakia, had Hongi and a shared afternoon tea.

We spoke about the Maori aspects we include in our classroom programmes and school-wide initiatives. 

Principal Mrs Slater-Brown asked questions as to how we, as a school community, can increase the achievement of all our students with a focus on Maori student achievement. 

We were also interested to hear ways to foster a school-wide interest in all things Maori. 

This Marae visit was a great place to start, as the staff and students who attended can now return to school and talk about their shared experience with other students.

An interesting piece of information that I took away from the experience is that: 

Pakeha and Maori body language can be quite different. 

For instance, when in a large group listening to some information…

Pakeha are all quiet if they agree with the speaker, whereas Maori are all quiet if they disagree with the speaker.


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