27 July 2018

Tread Lightly Caravan

The junior school have been invited to attend Tread Lightly Caravan on the 20th and 21st of August.

The Tread Lightly Caravan is a mobile exhibition/classroom established by the Urban Ecoliving Charitable Trust to inspire young New Zealanders to live more sustainably.

Using interactive displays, the Caravan shows visitors how everyday choices such as what we buy, how we travel, what we eat, how we use energy in our homes and how we manage waste, can impact the natural environment. The key message to visitors is, ‘Your choices have environmental consequences’. 

  • Rooms 4, 5, 7 & 8 are attending on Monday 20th August
  • Rooms 6, 9, 10 & 11 are attending on Tuesday 21st August

Attending the Tread Lightly Caravan is not compulsory, as it is in addition to the curriculum teaching at school.  If you would like your child to take part, please send back the notice below.


I would like my child: __________________________________      of room: _____ to attend the Tread Lightly Caravan.

I agree to pay the $5 for my child to attend.  Payment can be made on Kindo or at the office.

Signed:  ____________________ Parent’s name _______________

Contact Phone number:   __________________________________

I would be interested in being a parent helper at the Tread Lightly Caravan Yes/No

Kind Regards

Sarah Bartholomew

Junior School Team Leader