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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We are all looking forward to spring and hopefully a little less rain!

The calendar is already very full with lots happening this term.

Unit of Inquiry

Our main inquiry topic will focus on the central idea:

Central idea:

People communicate through the arts.

Our lines of inquiry will be:

Lines of inquiry:

  • how people use arts to express themselves
  • what artists try to communicate
  • different art forms

Concepts: Form, Perspective

Value: Responsibility

Reports and Conferences

We hope that you all enjoyed the opportunity to share your child’s progress in our Three Way Conferences.   If you have any further questions, please make a time to visit with your child’s class teacher.


Sausage Sizzle (Student Council) 31st July

Bake Sale (Year 6)  21st August

Spellathon- The children will be participating in a spellathon. The testing day will be September 7th. Information will come out on the 20th August.

Cupcake day for the Robotics team   11th September

Sausage Sizzle (Enviro)  4th September


Term 3 will focus on multiplication and division, measurement of angles, fractions, decimals, percentages and transformational geometry.  

It is important that our students continue to practice their multiplication and division facts in order to maintain a quick recall.   Maths homework will be based on MathsBuddy and Sumdog. Parents please use the MathsBuddy videos to become familiar with the strategies so you can actively support your child.

Maths Week

We will be holding a special Maths week August 13th – 17th.   We will be using this website to

work on exciting Maths tasks.  (

Areas the Senior School is now developing using the latest research

  • Problem solving – having strategies to know where to start, how to tackle a problem, making connections to “bigger picture”, broader contexts.  Problems can be used to introduce new concepts and extend previously learned knowledge.
  • Mixed ability grouping and group roles – assigns different roles to allow for individuals to share, contribute and participate regardless of ability. Encouraging collaboration and opportunities for maths language to occur through discussions.
  • Talk Moves- developing and using the language daily so it becomes familiar and embedded.
  • Visual Maths-using multiple ways to represent concepts and solve problems (This allows different areas of the brain to be used)
  • Developing maths vocabulary
  • Rich Tasks to generate critical thinking.(these are real life situations which are accessible for all learners and allow for multiple strategies and representations.
  • Linking coding (digital Technology) to Maths

Speech Preparation

Over the next weeks we will be working on our speeches in class.  During weeks 3 and 4 the students will be presenting their speeches in class.  Each year group will be selecting finalists for our school competition which will take place at 11.00 am August 24th in the school hall.   All parents are welcome to attend. Our judges will be Richard Irving and Mr Stevenson. We will be using the same scoring rubric as will be used at the Auckland finals.  Our winning finalist will go on to represent our school at the Owairoa final on the 18th September.  If they win this competition, they will then go on to the Auckland final.

The Arts

Music Programme

From week 3, our teachers will be teaching music using an online music programme called Rad Rhythm.

We are looking forward to using the expertise of online media.

Dance Festival

The dance festival will be held at 7 pm at Elim College on the 6th and 7th August.   Mrs Rist has prepared our senior group for this. There is a limit on the number of tickets per family, $5 per person.  The tickets will be available for families who have children participating. These will become available from Mrs Bayer at the school office.

Choir Festival

The choir festival will be held on the 28th and 29th August, 6-9 pm. We have a group of children participating in this. They will be away on a dress rehearsal on the 27th August.

Koanga Festival

We are looking at attending the regional Koanga festival which has been pencilled in for the 31st August. More details will come out closer to the date. All Year 6 students will be participating and other Y5/Y4/Y3 students who belong to the Kapa Haka group.

Te Tuhi – Art

The Senior School will be visiting Te Tuhi in September.  During this Te Tuhi programme, Changing Climate, we learn about climate change, the impacts it has for people and place and how artists are making artwork in response to climate change.  During our Te Tuhi visit we will use a variety of materials and imagery to design and create our very own mixed-media poster. Our posters will creatively highlight and present solutions to some of the problems of climate change.

As part of our unit of inquiry we have a trip organised to Te Tuhi. Our dates will be:

Sept 10th Room 3 leaving at 9:15 am- 12.00             Room 2 afternoon leaving at 11:45 pm – 2.30pm

Sept 14th    Room 18 leaving 9:15 am-12.00              Room 19 afternoon leaving at 11:45 – 2.30 pm         

Sept 17th Room 1 leaving 9.15 am -12.00                   Room 17 afternoon leaving at 11:45 – 2.30 pm


We will have the Tread Lightly caravan parked at school from the week of August 13th-17th.Every class will be having an opportunity to visit this caravan and we will need parent helpers.   There is a $5 charge. On the 17th August there is a Green day.

Physical Education

The Senior School classes have a PE session on Wednesdays.   It is important that your child is prepared for this session with their whanau shirt and shorts. Last term there were the same students each week who turned up unprepared, on a number of occasions. We ask  that you support your child in being organised and ensuring their clothes are in their bag in order for Mr Grimmer to run an effective PE programme and for hygiene reasons.

Senior School Sport

We have a highly organised sport rotation for the Senior School on Tuesday afternoons. We ask that all girls and boys bring shorts,whanau T-shirt and running shoes.  Girls may also wear navy blue bike pants.

Last  term we started training a group  for the Inter School Gymnastics competition. This will take place on the  22nd/23rd August. With the champion of champions on 13th Sept.

If your child cannot participate in Physical Education we ask you send a note to the class teacher.

ICAS Competitions

For those children who have signed up these will be held on the 31st July (English) and 14th August (Maths). Please ensure your child has a ruler for the Maths exam and they are outside Room 1 at 7.15 am.

Maths/Science Competitions

We will be entering 16 students in a Technology challenge called Epro 8 on the 20th September  and in the regional Mathex competition on the 25th September

From the Senior Team Teachers

Room 1     Mrs Riach

Room 2      Miss Redpath

Room 3      Mrs Chilvers

Room 17     Mr Chamberlain

Room 18   Mrs Fowler

Room 19   Mrs Griffin

If you have any other queries please contact Jillian Redpath (Team Leader)


Please can you return this form to your child’s class.

Payment can be made online at Kindo on the school website or through the school office

I give permission for my child __________________________  Room No. ____to travel to and from Te Tuhi    Yes / No

I am available as a parent helper on this day                                                                                                              Yes / No

Sept 10th Room 3 leaving at 9:15 am- 12.00                 Room 2 afternoon leaving at 11:45 pm – 2.30pm

Sept 14th    Room 18 leaving 9:15 am-12.00                Room 19 afternoon leaving at 11:45 – 2.30 pm                 

Sept 17th Room 1 leaving 9.15 am -12.00                     Room 17 afternoon leaving at 11:45 – 2.30 pm

 I agree to pay $10  (Payment for Te Tuhi and Tread Lightly)

I would be available to be a helper for an hour with my child’s class when the Tread Lightly bus comes on the 20/21 August.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Yes /No


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