Dear Parents

Welcome to the 2017 school year.

Our senior school  team teachers for this year will be:

Room 1     Mrs Riach

Room 2      Mrs Christensen

Room 3      Mrs Chilvers

Room 4      Ms Redpath  (Senior School Team Leader)

Room 18   Ms Corderoy

Room 19   Mrs Griffin

We are all looking forward to celebrating Waitangi Day this Monday 6th February. School will be closed on this day.  

The school will also be closed on Friday 14th April for Easter.  This will be the start of the school holidays.  

The School Day

School  times are:

8.30 am        Children come to school – Enter classrooms and prepare for day.  (Prior to this early children must stay seated on seats.)

8.50 am        School Commences

10.30-10.50 am     Playtime            

12.30-12.40 pm      Lunch seated outside

12.30-1.25 pm         Lunch play and extra activities

1.25-1.30 pm            Prepare for class- toilet, drink etc

3.00 pm                   School finishes and children leave school grounds

Please note for student safety, if your child is sick, late or absent for the day it is important you phone the school office, or go onto the school website and click on ‘Report an Absence’ to send an email to the office, by 8.50 am.  Our office staff take absent students very seriously.


All children will be expected to be in our summer school uniform.  Please name all items with a permanent marker, especially your child’s sandals and sweater.

GIRLS Summer:

* Blue check summer dress in regulation material and style. Or Navy skort in regulation material and style.

* Red polo shirt with striped collar in regulation material and style.

*Black ‘schoolʼ sandals.

.*Regulation style navy sun hat/cap

* Plain stud earrings and no jewellery or nail polish please

BOYS Summer:

* Navy shorts in regulation material and style.

* Red polo shirt with striped collar in regulation material and style.

* Black ‘schoolʼ sandals.

* Regulation style navy sun hat/cap

Lunches/Morning Tea

All students sit and eat from 12.30 -12.45 pm. They are encouraged to make healthy choices and to bring “nude food”.  This means food without wrappers.  All food wrappers are to be taken home.  Each class has a worm bin for scraps, located in the classroom.  Worms however do not like meat, citrus and dairy products.

Due to corridor congestion we ask that morning tea is a food item that can be carried outside without a container e.g. a piece of fruit rather than yoghurt in a plastic container.  We ask that those items are eaten at lunchtime when they take their lunch box outside.

School lunches can be ordered on the school website from the second week, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Wednesday is our Pita Pit day.  The orders must be made by 9 am.  As the first term is always very hot we encourage all children to have a named water bottle.  It is also helpful if all plastic lunch boxes are named as these sometimes get left on the seats outside the classroom.


Please can you also make sure that your child has his/her named school library bag at school on their class’s allocated library day.  New bags can be purchased from our school library for $5.00.  the students are allowed to issue 4 books each visit.

Free Milk

Free Fonterra milk will be supplied to all children on Mondays.  All new parents are requested to sign a permission form.  if your child does not wish to participate tell them to inform their teacher.

School Reminders

Hats must be worn outside this term – No Hat, No Play

Uniform items, hats, drink bottles are to be named with a permanent marker

No jewellery is to be worn (Only plain studs in pierced ears are allowed and wrist watches)

No toys, trading cards. Please keep these at home to enjoy as we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage of personal items brought to school. (Cell phones must stay in school bags and only be used after school hours.)

Due to food allergies it is school policy that children do not bring food treats to school for the other students. e.g. birthday lollies/cake.

Getting to Know Your Child Conferences

These meetings will take place from the 13th – 15th February from 3.10- 5:30 pm daily.  If you have not booked a time please do so at   The code is:  ymvd2  

A booklet will be sent home prior.  Please would you bring this booklet filled in with you.  We look forward to finding more out about your child.

Teachers can be approached about day to day school issues before school.  The Senior team teachers however have a

meeting before school on Wednesdays morning but will be in their classrooms from 8.30 am onwards.

Puberty Talk

This talk will be for Year 6 girls and will will take place on Wednesday 22nd March and will be conducted by the year 6 teachers.  Parents are invited to an information session about this talk on Tuesday 21st March 7.00 – 7.30 pm in the school staffroom.


Unit Of Inquiry for Term 1

This year we will start with a new unit with a Social Studies focus.

The Central Idea will be: We all have a history, which contributes to our culture and society.

We will be inquiring into:

What people value from their past

Why people value their past

How people demonstrate what is of value to them in their society

How cultures sustain what is of value to them within a new community/society

How cultural practices vary but reflect similar purposes

We will particularly be identifying our main cultural groups represented in Auckland and finding out what is of value to them when they settle in Auckland and how they sustain their culture.


Our Maths Programme for the first term will cover the strands below.

Place Value and Sequence

·       read, write, order numbers

·       know place value of tenths, hundredths, tens, hundreds, thousands

·       round to the nearest whole number

·       know the number of tenths, tens, hundreds which are required to make a number

      ·       know number before and after

      ·       develop Maths Buddy routines/Basic Facts Ladder


·       investigations using statistical enquiry cycle

·       statistical literacy    (In relation to a Rocky Shore MM2 Study)

Addition and Subtraction

·      Knowledge and strategy

·       Use simple additive strategies with whole numbers and fractions


Turns, Time, Timetables & Charts

·       time analogue/digital

·       read timetables/charts

·       read calendars

         (Including tide charts to fit with Science)

Maths Buddy

This year the Senior School has changed from Mathletics to Maths Buddy online. We currently believe that this is the best programme available to teaching New Zealand maths strategies. We had very positive parent feedback when we trialled this programme in 2016. This homework is not compulsory, however, this is a good way to foster extra learning at home and is central to our home-learning in Mathematics for the year.  The cost will be $30 per child and will be included on the school donations sheet.  Maths Buddy has been selected as it gives more flexibility for the children to be working on their own individual needs and at their own pace.  This programme also has instructional movies which help parents understand the strategies we use today.

E–learning with iPad lessons

The Senior School will continue to have e-learning lessons with the support of David Kinane, our e- learning expert. It is very apparent that our knowledge of the use of iPads is constantly growing and they are being used in meaningful ways to extend and support our inquiry learning.  Please can you help your child get their ipad charged each night ready for the next day.  we do not have charging facilities at school.

Spelling/Word study

Our spelling programme will be based on the Joy Allcock spelling programme. This programme follows the most up-to-date spelling research and focuses on learning about sounds, rules, patterns, parts of words, origins of words and encourages the children to personally inquire into words and how they are spelt, rather than graded spelling lists. We encourage you to talk about the words your child brings home and encourage them to think of other words that follow the same pattern or rule.


Our reading programme will be encouraging our students to become familiar with the ‘toolbox’ of reading strategies and to use these to read, write, analyse and comprehend Reports and Explanations about different cultural practices/values.  We will also be teaching our students to read and collaborate in groups using ‘reciprocal reading strategies’.  This approach provides students with four specific reading strategies that are actively and consciously used to support comprehension: Questioning, Clarifying, Summarizing, and Predicting.


Your child’s teacher will outline homework expectations for your class.  Homework is based around Maths Buddy,

basic maths facts, reading, spelling and where appropriate inquiry learning.  E-learning skills are an integral part of our homework.  All senior classes are now using Google Docs and the school website as a means to communicate and share their learning.  Parents please can you ensure that your child has uploaded all the necessary apps which were sent to you this year in a newsletter so valuable class time is not taken up.  The teachers have found “Epic” a useful free online resource to encourage reading when paper books are not available.

School PE Programme

The children will be taught Physical Education skills on Thursdays by Mrs Spencer. On this day, all children are required to wear their sports T-shirts, shorts (which are not school shorts) and a sun hat. If your child has an illness and cannot participate please send a note to your child’s teacher on the day. All sports clothing  should be clearly named. We encourage children to apply sunblock before school every day and especially on sports days. The new sports t-shirt can be purchased from  John Russell Schoolwear 9 Moore Street Howick.

We also encourage our students to wear sneakers on hard surfaces such as the courts and astro turf.  

Please can you ensure your child has their PE clothes in their bag on Thursdays.  We have too many students who are unprepared for the day.  A school hat is compulsory everyday of the first term.


We will be having our school Swimming Sports at Howick Intermediate on Friday 17th February/Saving day 20th February. There will be a small charge for the buses of approx $5.00 per child.   Ms  Corderoy will be sending a letter out regarding this event.


The Year 6 students will be taking part in the “Have a Go” sailing programme on the 15th or 16th February. Room 18 will attend from 9.00 am – 12:00 pm on the 15th February, Room 1 will attend from 11.30 am- 3.00 pm on the 15th February.  Room 19 will attend from 9 am – 12:00 pm on the 16th February. The Room 2 Year 6 children will make up numbers in the sessions and will  be spread across the 3 classes. Mrs Christensen will inform her year 6 parents as to which day each child will attend.   This is a free programme and is within walking distance of school.   

We will be requiring parent helpers to walk the students to and from the venue and to help on the water.  Please can you fill in the permission form at the end of this newsletter.


The Senior School is hoping to participate in a programme called “Marine Metred Squared”. The aim will be to help Otago University collect data and monitor what organisms can be located at a seashore. If you have expertise with Marine Biology we would love to hear from you. The exact days and times are yet to be decided depending on the tides and when a marine expert is available.   On the 24th February the school will be “taking action” in the local community with a whole school beach clean up.  Mrs Riach will be convening this day.

Beach Education/ Year 5 EOTC Day

There will be a Year 5 Surf Education day at Red Beach on 3rd March.  We would love as many parents as possible to come to help keep our students safe. Traditionally this has been a great day for our “dads” to join in.  This will be a long day, leaving school by bus by 7:30 am and returning by 4.30 pm ish. The cost will be $25 per child.  While a wetsuit is not compulsory, it is a good idea for children to bring their one back from the bach if they have one.

Please see the permission form attached to the bottom of this newsletter.

Year 6 Camp Lakewood Lodge

This year the Year 6 camp will be in the first term instead of the 2nd term and  will be for all year 6 students  from 4th– 7th April.  It would be good if your child could start organising a bed roll, sleeping bag and fitted sheet to cover the mattress.  Children often get quite dirty at camp so they do not need new clothes! They do, however, need suitable walking shoes e.g. sneakers.  Camp parents will receive notification next week and there will be a meeting on Monday 27th March at 7pm. This is only for parents attending camp.

Student Council

Last year our Student Council was instrumental in creating a student voice in our school. The students had many great ideas and took part in supporting change.  The new lunch menu is an example of this. This year each class will have a representative nominated from their class to share ideas about school issues. Those students who are Whanau leaders and Enviro leaders will also take an active part in these meetings.

Whanau Leadership Day

We congratulate our Year 6 students who have been elected as Whanau leaders. They will participate in a Leadership training session on the 22nd February and will learn about the habits of highly effective leaders.

Korean Students

We currently have a group of 18 Korean students visiting. They will be in the Senior Classes for 2 weeks.  There will be a farewell short assembly for these students on the 16th February.

Weetbix Tryathlon

The Tryathlon will be held on the 12th February at Pt England reserve and there are only limited places left.  (Please note the change of venue)  To attend, please enrol you child on the Weetbix Website:

Under “group participation”…Bucklands Beach Primary School.  Mr Chamberlain will be organising this event.   All parents must transport and supervise their child/ren as this is in the weekend. The school will have a school gazebo to congregate at.

Tip Top Schools

This fun day will occur on 9th April at 10:00am at Edgewater college. Mrs Chilvers will be notifying the students closer to the time and they will be able to collect a newsletter from her with details. This is for children from Year 3 to 6.


We have some selected students representing the school at a cricket tournament on the 28th February.

Full School Assembly

Our first assembly for the year will take place 10th February at 2:15 pm. This will be a special assembly to congratulate our students who have special responsibilities for the 2017 school year.  Assemblies are usually fortnightly (but not on the 24th February).

If you have any other queries please contact Jillian Redpath (Team Leader).

Many thanks

The Senior School Teachers


Year 6 Sailing Days 2017

Dear Parents,

Our Year 6 children have been offered a free sailing session as part of the “Have a Go” programme.  This will be run by Bucklands Beach Yacht Club at Little Bucks Beach on the Parade.

The dates for this course will be set according to the tides and will be……..

Room 18   February 15th   9:00 -12:00 ish   (leaving school at 9 am)

Room 1     February 15th   12:00 – 2:30 ish (leaving school at 11.30 am)

Room 19  February 15th     9:00-  12:00 ish  (leaving school at 9 am)

Room 2 will have 2-3 children spread across the 3 classes as these were the only times the yacht club could allocate us.  Mrs Christensen will inform her Year 6 children as to which session they will be attending.

Those children who have an afternoon session will have an early lunch, the children will walk from school at 11:30 am and will take a large snack and drink with them. They will begin their course at 12.00 pm. The course will be completed around 2.30 pm and the class will walk back to school to school by 3 pm. Those who have a morning session will leave at 9.00 am and will just take a drink and a snack with them.  Please send a suitable carry bag with their gear in and remember not to buy lunches on these days.

There will be two children in each sailing boat and there will be four patrol boats operating. The children will be able to return to shore at any time and they will watch from the shore if they desire. The shore will be supervised by the class teacher and parents. The instructors will support the children to get there.

For this event all children will require…… their swim suits under warm mufti clothing (not cotton which gets cold easily) /a warm sweater/2 towels/(wetsuits if they own one)/school uniform to change into afterwards at school / old sneakers which can get wet (or aqua shoes)/ two bottles of water/ a plastic bag for wet clothes /lots of sunscreen applied prior and a hat.

Girls with long hair need this tied back. A hat without a neck tie would be safer on this occasion.

We will require parent support on the shore and possibly in a patrol boat.   If you would like to be involved on your child’s day, please can you indicate this below and return this to your child’s class teacher.


Jillian Redpath

Senior School Team Leader    (Please return the form below to your child’s class teacher)


I give my child _____________________________________________________     from Room  _________

permission to participate in the the scheduled “Have a Go” Sailing day.        YES / NO          

I would like to spend this day with the class as a parent helper                        YES / N0

My child will need to take the following medication  (e.g. asthma inhaler/epi pen)

My emergency contact number will be…….

Signed  ______________________________________________________


  • This information above may be emailed to your child’s class teacher instead of sending a hard copy.



Year 5 Bucklands Beach Primary School Official Permission Form


Dear Year 5 Parents

On the 3rd March, 2017 we will be participating in the Year 5 “Education Outside the Classroom” trip to Red Beach (at the end of Ngapara Street) .

Beach Ed is a full day curriculum-based beach and surf safety course delivered by trained surf lifeguards. It is different from all other water safety programmes as it provides students with a real experience of Surf Lifesaving. Students are immersed in a Surf Life Saving environment with hands on experience of beach and surf conditions The programme begins by covering basic principles of staying safe while having fun at the beach, then leads to more in-depth surf knowledge. This culminates in students learning how to identify hazards such as rip currents, ways to keep themselves and others safe, and what action to take if they get into trouble. Activities are set in the clubhouse, on the shore and in the water.

On this particular day all students will be required to be at school by 7.15 am, ready for a 7.30 am departure. They will finish the day at Red Beach around 2.30 pm and will be returned to school around 4.30 pm. Please note sometimes we are later due to traffic.

During the day, for safety reasons we ask that all parents and teachers participate in all water and beach activities. 
The programme requires a minimum of 1 adult to every 4 students in the water. We would very much like to reduce this ratio by having a lot of parent support. All parents and teachers will be required to bring their togs and it is suggested they wear wetsuits and must be prepared to get wet.  If you are unable to enter the water you are more than welcome to attend as a spectator however you will not be assigned a group of children to supervise. It is essential supervisors can enter the water and come prepared for this.

Requirements for this day


All children will be required to wear a pair of shorts, T-shirt and hat. They will require a sweater should the day turn cold. They may also bring a pair of long trousers to put on at the end of the day. They will require their swimsuit, a towel and sunblock (and a plastic shopping bag for wet togs.) We ask this is packed in their school bag.

Food and Drink

All children will be required to eat breakfast before they leave home. They will need some small snacks (e.g. muesli bars to eat on arrival and before leaving Red Beach) + a large packed morning tea and lunch. The children will be doing a lot of physical activity and will become hungry. Please also pack two bottles of water.

Medical Needs

Please ensure all medical equipment not kept with the school office is with your child and your child’s teacher has been notified.

Timetable for the Day

7.15 am Children arrive at school

7.30 am All students seated on the bus ready to leave school.

9.15 am Arrive at Red Beach and have a small snack and a drink

9.30 am Begin Surf Day.

2.30 pm End Activities / Toilet etc

3.00 Leave Red Beach

4.30 pm Arrive at Bucklands Beach Primary School

Teaching Schedule Guide

Note : This timetable is a guide and may be changed on the day due to weather conditions.  The water component will be cancelled if the sea is not safe enough to enter.  The life guards will analyse the situation at the time and no compromises will be made.  The school has the overall discretion to cancel the water component if necessary.  Your child’s safety will be paramount at all times.


Start Time

Time Taken

Meet the School bus (Arrival times may vary)

9:30 am


Welcome – Settle into Clubhouse

9:35 am

10 minutes

Introduction and housekeeping rules

9:45 am

10 minutes

Tour of club house + Parent/Teacher Orientation

9:55 am

15 minutes

Morning tea

10:10 am

15 minutes

Sun Smart

10.25 am

15 minutes

Beach activities – Choose from the following: “Seaweed” or other beach game Beach Flags, Beach Sprint, Beach Relays

10.40 am

45 minutes

Surf Safety: 5 Rules & Video  

11:25 am

15 minutes

ID and Role of Lifeguard

11:40 am

10 minutes

Mock Rescue    


15 minutes

Lunch break

12:05 pm

25 minutes

Setting up a Beach Patrol

12:30 pm

10 minutes

Water Activities – Choose from the following: Fetch The Ball,Tube Rescue,Boogie Board, Cameron Relay,Free Time

12:40 pm

1 Hour

Wash down and change

1:40 pm

15 minutes

How can I become a Surf Lifeguard     

1:55 pm

10 minutes

Summary (hand out resources)

2:05 pm

5 minutes

Home Time (Departure times may vary)

2:30 pm



Year 5 Bucklands Beach Primary School Official Permission Form

February 2017

Please could you print this sheet and complete the permission form below and return this to your child’s class teacher in a named sealed envelope by Friday 10th February.

I give my child _________________________________(name) permission to participate in this Beach Education Programme on the 3rd March, 2016.

I have paid $25.00 online using the school website or at the school office. ($15.00 per child to help cover the cost of bus transport to and from Red Beach plus $10 to cover the cost of my child participating in the Beach programme.

(Please note: For safety reasons all students will be expected to travel by bus and remain in their class groups on the day. We ask that no children travel by car to or from the venue)  Parent supporter will car pool after meeting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Yes / No

I would like to be considered as a supervisor for this trip and I willing to enter the sea with a wetsuit and participate in the water.activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Yes / No

If you have any relevant medical/surf lifesaving qualifications please state below….


I would be willing to supply transport for myself and other parents to and from this venue    Yes / No

In the unlikely event of a helicopter/ambulance called in the case of an emergency for my child I understand the school is not liable for this cost.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Yes/ No                    

Please state below any medical requirements or swimming concerns regarding your child swimming in the sea.

Signed ______________________________________        

Name (Written) _________________________________________________________

Contact Phone Number ________________________________________________


Emergency Contact Number on the 3rd March 2017 (for child or yourself) ____________________________________________


                                               2017 School Term Dates







Term 1

Tuesday 31st January


13th April


Public holiday: Waitangi Day Monday 6 February

School holidays: Friday 14 April – Sunday 30 April. Includes Easter Friday, Easter Monday, and Easter Tuesday (an official school holiday). Also includes ANZAC day

Term 2

Monday 1 May

Friday 7 July


BBPS may have a Teacher Only Day Friday 2nd June (tbc).

Public holiday: Queen’s Birthday Monday 5 June

School holidays: Saturday 8 July – Sunday 23 July

Term 3

Monday 24 July

Friday 29 September


School holidays: Saturday 30 September – Sunday 15 October

Term 4

Monday 16 October-

Friday 15th December (tbc)


Public holiday: Labour Day Monday 23 October