25 May 2016

Dear Parents                                                                     

Your child has been selected to represent the school at the upcoming HPPA Rugby 7’s Fun Day being held at the Pakuranga United Rugby Club, Lloyd Elsmore (Bell Park) on Tuesday 31st May.

We will be departing from BBP at 9:00 and we will require a small number of parents to assist in transport* and supervision for the day.

A mouthguard is compulsory; all players should also have a towel, warm clothes, morning tea and lunch, and a water bottle. Each team will play at least 6 games and the teams will take substitutions to allow all players an opportunity to rest.

A rugby jersey has been issued and must be worn on the day.

Nick Chamberlain – Room 16

nick@bbps.school.nz   027 533 3301


I give permission for _________________________ to participate at the HPPA 7’S Rugby Fun Day on Tuesday 31st May.                        Yes / No

Signed _____________________________________________________

Phone _____________________________________________________

I am able to help with transport*/supervision on Tuesday 31st May.          Yes / No

Please complete if you are able to assist on the day

Signed _____________________________________________________

Phone _____________________________________________________

EMAIL _____________________________________________________

* Transport: Before we leave can you please fill in a declaration form and get your driver’s licence photocopied to adhere with our health and safety compliance regulations at the school reception.