Junior School

Room 6:  Justin Pan

  • Challenging himself in our inquiry and for thinking of interesting questions to explore.

Room 6:  Adele Toh

  • Excellent contributions and thinking in reading.

Room 7:   Erin Potgieter

  • Trying her best in all curriculum areas.

Room 7:   Lincoln Bin

  • Trying his best in all curriculum areas.

Room 7:   Riven D’Souza

  • Consistently demonstrating the school values.

Room 8:   Hanan Malakhil

  • Demonstrating a highly positive attitude and drive towards learning.

Room 8:   Courtney Bielby

  • Fabulous improvement in literacy.

Room 8:   William Si

  • Consistently sharing kindness to others and being a great reader and writer.

Room 8:   Mia Sun

  • Making a huge improvement with written work and showing empathy towards her peers.

Room 9:   Chloe Mackay

  • Being a responsible and helpful student in Room 9.

Room 9:   Amy Liang

  • Being a responsible and helpful student in Room 9!

Room 9:   Edward Su

  • Making great progress in all learning areas!

Room 11:   Jamie Liang

  • Working well with others in class.  Keep it up Jamie!

Room 11:   Myra Chiang

  • Becoming more resilient in class.  Well done Myra!

Room 10:   Cara De Roock

  • Showing great improvement in writing.

Room 10:   Owen Wang

  • Demonstrating improved number sense.

Middle School

Room 13:  Aaron Huang

  • Being a positive role model in the class and consistently working to a high standard.

Room 13:  Baxter Kennerley

  • Improved focus and effort to self-manage and complete work to a good standard.  Great job Baxter.

Room 14:   Olivia Keel

  • Improved effort in writing this term.  Olivia enjoyed writing her super hero narrative about Tiger Girl.

Room 14:   Michael Shao

  • Demonstrating a good understanding of problem solving in maths.  Michael can explain his thinking to others.

Room 14:   Leo Calland

  • Always working to a high standard in writing.  Well done Leo.

Room 15:  Jake Band

  • Taking responsibility for his learning by aiming for his personal best.

Room 15:  Ronal Parana Liyanage

  • Consistently showing all four of the BBPS values and being a great role model for others.

Room 17:   Olivia Pan

  • Showing great respect towards our environment and people.

Room 17:   Charlie Stewart

  • Having a positive attitude towards all learning.

Room 17:   Oliver Cate

  • Using great scientific words in his writing.

Room 12:   Maria Pavloff

  • Sharing her knowledge about how to use Tynker to code an explanation of her science experiment.

Room 12:   Max Wang

  • Being able to use Tynker to code an explanation of his experiment.

Room 12:   Vinuka Badana Mudiyanselage

  • Using a wide range of interesting vocabulary in his writing.

Room 16:   Sasha Thomson

  • Improved effort and focus towards her learning activities in class.

Room 16:   Travis Serewis

  • Making great progress when taking responsibility for his own learning and resilience when things get difficult.

Room 16:   Bilva Shukla

  • Consistently demonstrating positive whanaungatanga (relationships) in collaborative learning activities.

Room 16:   Thabo Siso

  • Consistently demonstrating focus and resilience in his learning.

Senior School

Room 2:   Charlie Taylor

  • Showing a strong growth mindset by challenging himself to learn new things.

Room 2:   Annie Cheng

  • Showing strong responsibility and resilience by staying focused on her work.

Room 3:    Martina Beavis

  • Being a kind caring pupil.  Martina is always willing to help others with their learning.

Room 3:   Dylan Scott

  • Excellence in animating and coding in “Scratch”.

Room 4:   Justin Choi

  • Being a proactive learner who is always willing to extend his knowledge and understanding about the world around him.

Room 4:   Gabriella Watson

  • Always working hard and striving for excellence in everything that she does.

Room 1:   Thisuri Gunasekara

  • Enthusiasm put into all learning.

Room 1:   Joanne Yong

  • Always setting herself a high standard in all work.

Room 18:  Cameron Goddard

  • Showing resilience and perseverance by pushing himself during the cross country.

Room 18:  Lesandu Dheerasinghe

  • A great start at BBP and demonstrating wonderful manners at all times. 

Room 19:   Noah Williams

  • Brilliant collaborative writing of an informational narrative.

Room 19:   Julia Downs

  • Brilliant collaborative writing of an informational narrative.