Junior School

Room 6:  Kathy Yu

  • An excellent use of new vocabulary in her writing.

Room 6:  Aedan Miller

  • Excellent thinking and sharing of ideas in his writing.

Room 7:   Charlotte Steele

  • Showing resilience in her reading and writing.

Room 7:   Miller Fu

  • Always trying his best in all learning areas.

Room 7:   Hana Shaikh

  • Her effort and improvement in reading.

Room 8:   Yaseen Bassam

  • An awesome start at BBP – You’re super!

Room 9:   Erin Van Biljon

  • Always showing respect and kindness!

Room 9:   Leo Zhou

  • Always listening attentively to others!  Thank you.

Room 9:   Yi-Fei Lee

  • Being helpful and showing respect.

Room 11:   Claire Michaels

  • Making excellent progress in reading.  Ka Pai!

Room 11:   Tony Pan

  • Taking risks and using new vocabulary in his writing.

Room 10:   Agnes Han

  • Improving her narrative story writing.

Room 10:   Sienna Amoore

  • Showing excellent effort in all areas of school.

Middle School

Room 13:  Willow Ellis

  • Always being a kind and helpful member of Room 13.

Room 13:  Niara Sankar

  • Demonstrating resilience when undertaking scientific experiments and thinking critically about what has been observed.

Room 13:  Luvin Bassam

  • Being resilient in her maths problem solving.

Room 14:   Samuel Song

  • His valuable contributions to class discussions during Bullyfree week.

Room 14:   E. J. Saipani

  • Demonstrating a good understanding of problem solving strategies in maths.

Room 14:   Lilly Sefton

  • Being an excellent role model in class, Lilly works to a high standard at all times.

Room 15:  Harris Hu

  • Having a positive attitude to all aspects of school life.

Room 15:  Luca Delonge

  • Thinking carefully about the Science Week experiments and using the ideas to contribute to class discussions.

Room 15:  Jennifer Nie

  • Taking pride in the presentation of all her work.

Room 17:   Sara Attraqchi

  • Using powerful adjectives in her writing to make it exciting.

Room 17:   Gabe Powell

  • Being very imaginative when planing his story ending.

Room 17:   Sofia Hiley

  • Creating amazing setting art from your characters perspective.

Room 12:   Charney Coetzee

  • Making a fabulous effort when working on her reading goals.

Room 12:   Austin Lin

  • Investigating ways to use digital technology to present his work.

Room 12:   Jordin Cassel

  • Showing manawaroa when trying to solve the class science challenge.

Room 16:   Thabo Siso

  • Consistently demonstrating focus and resilience in her learning.

Room 16:   Sofia Moran

  • Making good progress in her reading.

Room 16:   Jayme Peters

  • Demonstrating increased independence in learning activities.

Senior School

Room 2:   Zac Calland

  • Being helpful and supportive when working with others.

Room 2:   Jessica Waar

  • Always being kind and helpful.

Room 3:    Wyatt Johnson

  • An excellent effort in writing.

Room 3:   Benjamin Duncan

  • An outstanding effort in fitness – running.

Room 4:   Luke Van Biljon

  • Being an excellent role model for other students and always trying his best.

Room 4:   Freya Kilgallon

  • Being an active participant in class discussions and working hard to complete her work in class.

Room 1:   Riley Laister

  • Thoughtful problem solving in maths.

Room 1:   Antonia Alb

  • Carefully listening to all instructions.

Room 18:  Ben Luo

  • Giving 100% effort in every subject and activity at BBPS.  You’re a great example to all of us!

Room 18:  Hannah Boyes

  • Displaying perfect classroom behaviour to her peers while committing to her learning with an open mindset. 

Room 19:   Wendy Lin-Jackson

  • Working hard and taking risks in maths.

Room 19:   Mehtab Gill

  • A great attitude to learning – creative, collaborative and consistently diligent.