Junior School

Room 6:  Janice Xu

  • Excellent thinking and sharing of ideas with others in our inquiry.

Room 6:  Rakinda Oduol

  • Showing resilience in her writing – you are an excellent role model for the class!

Room 7:   Ehab Jatoi

  • Consistently demonstrating Manaakitanga and Whanaungatanga.

Room 7:   Felix Lee

  • Improving in sharing his understanding and re-telling of books he has read.

Room 7:   Maisie Medcalf

  • Consistently trying her best in all curriculum areas.

Room 8:   Kaitlyn Van Der Merwe

  • Demonstrating the school values to a very high standard.

Room 8:   Luke De Roock

  • Demonstrating a much improved attitude towards learning and for beginning to take pride in his work.

Room 9:   Mei-en Downs

  • Always giving everything a go and doing her very best!

Room 9:   Dylan Zhang

  • Having a positive attitude towards learning!

Room 9:   MJ Willemse

  • Giving everything a go and having lovely manners.

Room 11:   Violet Hewitson

  • Being a kind friend in class!

Room 11:   Cooper Gillbanks

  • Giving 100% effort at reading times.

Room 10:   Agnes Han

  • Improving her narrative story writing.

Room 10:   Lawrence Li

  • Improving the stories he is writing.

Middle School

Room 13:  Brian Li

  • Always looking for ways to challenge himself in maths.

Room 13:  Dylan Smith

  • Always being responsible in his learning and for producing high quality work.

Room 13:  Mark Loynes

  • Putting great effort into his learning, making sure he always produces his best work.

Room 14:   Xiaoxuan Yu

  • Improved effort and progress in reading this term.

Room 14:   Aisliedh Cilliers

  • A huge improvement in her writing this term.  Keep up the great work.

Room 14:   Joseph Naufahu

  • His contributions to discussions during problem solving in maths.

Room 15:  Karishma Pal

  • Having a fabulous work ethic and completing all tasks to a high standard..

Room 15:  Angie Smith

  • Showing resilience during writing lessons to produce an amazing narrative about The Magic Library.

Room 17:   Kate Sim

  • Using her prior knowledge to make an evidence based hypothesis for her experiment.

Room 17:   Evan Bielby

  • Having a positive attitude towards his learning and make good learning choices..

Room 17:   Ava Austin

  • Showing resilience when learning fractions.

Room 12:   Max Chong

  • Always demonstrating kindness towards others.

Room 12:   Shefali Pal

  • Demonstrating resilience when adding ideas to her writing.

Room 12:   William Edmondson

  • Using his known strategies to solve multiplication problems.

Room 16:   Sakina Malakhil

  • Demonstrating responsibility towards her own learning.

Room 16:   Eddie Yao

  • Focusing on developing his group’s understanding of fractions.

Room 16:   Savannah Haddadin

  • Consistently demonstrating the school learning values.

Senior School

Room 2:   Emma Southall

  • Being an active participant in class discussions and a strong leader in group activities.

Room 2:   Ben Clouston

  • Showing a strong growth mindset by giving his best at all times.

Room 3:    Lucia Gunson

  • Her effort in writing this week.  Lucia wrote an excellent review on the Science in the Van show.

Room 3:   India Hutton

  • Mastering animation on Scratch.  India has animated her volcano as part of her inquiry work.

Room 4:   Marcus Yan

  • Being a responsible learner who follows instructions carefully and always trying his best.

Room 4:   Alina Zhao

  • Being an enthusiastic learner who has a vibrant imagination and always works well with others.

Room 1:   Ashleigh Seward

  • Being an enthusiastic inquirer and demonstrating her learning in creative ways.

Room 1:   Fynn Tollenaar

  • Independently researching and practising skills learnt in class.

Room 18:  Maddie de Bie

  • All of her effort and her fun attitude over the last 5 1/2 years.  Good luck in Australia – we’ll miss you!

Room 18:  Ian Lee

  • Leading by example in writing and for excellent research in his inquiry poster.  Great work, Ian. 

Room 19:   Peyton Kennerley

  • Showing enthusiasm and perseverance in maths.

Room 19:   Daniel Loynes

  • Sharing his valuable thoughts, knowledge and experience in class discussions.