Junior School

Room 6:  Cassidy Van Rooyen

  • Excellent counting on and back in maths, keep going!

Room 6:  Grant Huang

  • Working as a team and sharing his ideas in writing.

Room 7:   Samuel Dos Santos

  • Demonstrating the schools four values Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Resilience.

Room 7:   Nidhrti Rajesh

  • Demonstrating the schools four values Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Resilience.

Room 8:   James Inglis

  • Making a huge improvement with written work.

Room 8:   Leni Kasper

  • Consistently demonstrating a highly positive attitude towards learning and having the best manners.

Room 9:   Billie Snell

  • Showing kindness to others and having a positive attitude to learning.

Room 9:   Leo Zhou

  • Showing respect and listening attentively to others.

Room 11:   Thomas Greening

  • Working hard to self-edit during writing.

Room 11:   Rebecca Cui

  • Being respectful, responsible and kind in Room 11.

Room 10:   Suray Lopez-Varela

  • Working very hard sounding out her words during writing time.

Middle School

Room 13:  Nicola Pieters

  • Trying her best to get tasks completed to a high standard.

Room 13:  Isabelle De Bie

  • Seeking feedback and making changes to improve her writing.

Room 13:  Daisy Hu

  • Always demonstrating the school values and being a role model to her peers.

Room 14:   Joseph Naufahu

  • Always demonstrating the value of Tiaki, responsibility, in class.

Room 14:   Zahra Watson

  • Working diligently across all areas of her learning.  Well done Zahra.

Room 15:  Cayden Spiers

  • Always being willing to contribute well thought out ideas during writing.

Room 15:  Ruan Van Der Westhuizen

  • The hard work and dedication he has put into improving his reading.

Room 17:   Alexia Tang

  • Using the resources around the room to build her independence.

Room 17:   Xavier Kilgallon

  • Understanding where he works best as a learner.

Room 12:   Grace Tan

  • Practising her maths at home and for becoming faster in knowing her basic facts.

Room 12:   Isik Ogut

  • Demonstrating confidence in sharing his ideas in class.

Room 16:   Abby Pan

  • Being open to new learning and improved focus on collaborative learning.

Room 16:   Savannah Haddadin

  • Leading by example in class activities and being confident in her own abilities.

Senior School

Room 2:   Olivia Owen

  • Consistently demonstrating strong personal responsibility and initiative.

Room 2:   Ryan Le

  • Demonstrating strong resilience and a growth mindset while working towards his goal of memorising the periodic table.

Room 3:    Abby White

  • Being a kind caring pupil towards others.  Abby is always willing to help others with their learning.

Room 3:   Isabella Lyons

  • Excellent structure and mature vocabulary in her opinion writing.

Room 4:   Alex Pavloff

  • Being an active participant in all class discussions and always trying his best even when it’s a challenging task.

Room 4:   Veronique De Fleuriot De La Coliniere

  • Showing initiative and being a proactive learner who’s always willing to extend her knowledge and understanding.

Room 1:   Kito Sun

  • Being an enthusiastic problem solver and supporting others.

Room 1:   William Zeng

  • Using interesting vocabulary in his opinion writing.

Room 18:  Klaas Kamp

  • His focus and perseverance in his Anzac Day poem writing.

Room 18:  Trinity Prime

  • Her hard work during literacy and taking risks with her writing.

Room 19:   Sara Hwang

  • Taking risks with her learning as well as always being ready to help others.

Room 19:   John Cheng

  • Consistently trying to do his best in all learning areas.